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Yes, I'm pretty sure it's the same thing :)

Hey thanks for playing and leaving a comment :) Yep, that gun volume is the most annoying thing ever . But yes, In my current build of the game, I calculate the distance then normalise it and take it away from one, seems to be working like a charm. 
Yes indeed, it's programmer art at best and will definitely be getting updated ;) Thanks again for your time! 

Yeah, agreed. Maybe a skip button for the beginning cut-scenes.

hey, thanks :) Yeah, the gunshot noise is the number one priority fix in the coming post-jam updates (will be working on this game for longer) very annoying sound issue. Think I will make it so friendlies only make gunfire sound if they're nearby or something. Not sure, it's to do with web audio. So hopefully that will get fixed up.
As for the name, it was in reference to left 4 dead, because similar concept, but also there was supposed to be more of a story element. 
The original idea was the the main character had gone to the shop to buy bread, and when they came back, the town was mostly infected. Hence l3ft 4 bread.

On that note, the game was supposed to be that you go and find your family and close friends and escape the town. obviously I never got that far, but those things will be in the updated version at some point.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the comment :)

Interesting looking game. Not sure how it fits with the theme, and I don't think there's enough guidance for the player. I kinda figured that you're supposed to follow the blue line, but no matter how much I tried I kept getting game over.

Still, very nice graphics and looks like it could be fun and of course, is very challenging.

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Fun game with a cool dark atmosphere. Nicely executed intro/cut scenes. My biggest criticism would be how the game is packaged. Windows flagged it as harmful but I ran it anyway, and when I did, it dumped the library in my downloads folder, so now that's full of folders for the game - quite a lot of them.

The game itself is ace tho, and quite challenging. 

edit - the lib folders disappeared  when the game closed, I think.

movement was nice and smooth. Liked the character animation and the cool variation of zombies. Super fun over all, which is no mean feat in a game jam :)

Really good, nicely polished with the chat cut-scenes, and all that. Funny which always helps. The fact that the game is like a whole bunch of games bundles into one. Very nice man, like this one a lot

Nice animations and aesthetic. Damn those 'scientists' are cold hearted :P This feels like it could be a multiplayer game, akin to octo-dad and the like, because there were so many controls.

Cool game, was nicely put together, smooth performance and all that good stuff. The only thing I'd change is to make it more clear if you guess correctly - make the score visible in game. Because although the music sorta implied a bad guess, I wasn't sure if it always was, as I thought I'd narrowed the guess down to it's obvious conclusion.

Hey Jupiter Hadley, thanks for the comment and interest in the game. I watched your video and subbed to your channel, thanks a lot for including Super Provider! In your video ;) And keep up the good work.

Hey LeFayGames, thanks for playing! Yeah I totally agree, sadly the main issue I had with this game was trying to balance the difficulty. When I was developing it, it was actually quite difficult, but I made a last minute change to the difficulty in an attempt to make it balanced. Sadly, I totally ruined it. I will definitley have a go at fixing it at some point, but I'm currently doing another jam atm.

Thanks a lot for the feedback :)

really good, fun and addictive. Actually manged to do the demo *proud*