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Hey Jupiter Hadley, thanks for the comment and interest in the game. I watched your video and subbed to your channel, thanks a lot for including Super Provider! In your video ;) And keep up the good work.

Hey LeFayGames, thanks for playing! Yeah I totally agree, sadly the main issue I had with this game was trying to balance the difficulty. When I was developing it, it was actually quite difficult, but I made a last minute change to the difficulty in an attempt to make it balanced. Sadly, I totally ruined it. I will definitley have a go at fixing it at some point, but I'm currently doing another jam atm.

Thanks a lot for the feedback :)

really good, fun and addictive. Actually manged to do the demo *proud*

feels more like melee robot wars than medieval battle, but still, pretty cool. I found that i could just hold space to block continuously and intermittently tap the mouse for maximum advantage, got up to level 26 before dying, at which point the speed of the enemy attack managed to hit me about ten times in less than a second lol :)