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The Way Home - Roguelike dungeon crawler  

The alpha build has been released :D 
 You can play on the web. 

  • Rogue-like dungeons that are newly created every time
  • Journey through the story
  • Collection of resources and artifacts
  • Building construction

I moved the project main page here.

Thanks for the playing :)

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Thanks for the feedback :)

I removed submit this game from the GMTK 2021. 
GTMK can use existing code or art, but I think it might not be fair, as you mentioned.
I love my game, so I don't want this game to be controversial.

Thanks for the feedback

I wrote it down in the description, but only the doggy parts is the part implemented in gmtk jam. 

Thanks :D

Thanks for the feedback. It seems to have been explained a bit. Some people didn't notice some features. Short cuts are also a good idea :)

Thanks for the feedback. A resource or object can be destroyed with a mouse click while being targeted. There was a lack of explanation in the game.

Below is an article I wrote a few days ago about the cave-dungeon-generation. Hope this helps!


Thanks for the bug report! I’ll check!

Thanks :D
There's still time until the deadline, so I'll have to do something more.
Thanks for the feedback!

Sorry I couldn't play your game that's because your game required a PC.
I only have a MacM1. Anyway, I hope your game goes well too.

Thanks for the review :)