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Tobias Vladimirovich

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Better walking animations I would recommend.

The game usually sends enemies through the ground if you vertically hammer the armored ones.

actually I don't care about the key. I just bought it again but anyways I appreciate the response.

i have the game but  till do not have a "steam key"

hmmm I can see why you would think that but I bet its probably because he already has so many people saying that that he cant respond to all of them

yaeh man, anytime!

what makes you say that, SayorTheIcePhoenix



hey dude if ur on mac u can just record with quicktime player

Add online multiplayer plz (or a new side arm)

dang i got the game before i got an account and i think i deleted the email is there any way to update the game now?

ya me to

thanks dude!

i got the game then it got updated how can i get it back?