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Thanks a lot, being able to roam around Hogwarts was an amazing experience- as much as chasing down the Golden Snitch! Can't wait to let my girlfriend try this, she's a diehard Potterhead.

I hope you will continue improving on the little things and do some more optimization, it would be a pity not to do that! I use Unity for my job, but if you need some technical and design help, don't hesitate to get in touch. :)

No sorry, this is Quest only.

Thanks a lot! You are right, after all the game is still an alpha version, very much a work in progress. :)

The project is well and alive, I've been working a lot on this lately, but I barely maintain the Itch page because I'm not getting much from here. Main project home is on SideQuest and now also on Oculus App Lab- together with the official Discord server which is quite active.

I actually forgot to upload the latest version of the game here. Will do that soon, sorry!

Sorry, I completely missed the previous comment! Very unlikely anyways, as this is built with mobile specs in mind and I don’t have the hardware to test for PCVR.

Absolutely! It is fully Quest 2 compatible and optimized.

No, this only runs on Quest.

Thanks! I’m launching a Patreon and a donation button very soon, this week. Otherwise feel free to share the project around!

Thanks a lot!
I'm considering trying that in a future update. Not sure it makes too much sense since this is a very arcadey racer, but I'm interested in giving it a try.

I don't plan on adding that, sorry. Not precise enough, and feels very uncomfortable to hold nothing while driving and using gestures for acceleration and brake. On top of it, Oculus will eventually reject store submissions for games that use hand tracking.

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This is a beautiful jump into the memory lane, fills me with nostalgia. Thanks a lot for making this!
Though, for some reason this is running poorly on my Macbok Pro 2012 even at low settings.

EDIT: still thinking a lot about this. I would love to help improve it, so if you may need something, don't mind asking.

Wow, this really expands the game a lot. I got that retro game feeling as soon as I saw the screenshots above; then you mentioned Impossible Mission, and everything clicked into place. :D

Awesome work, can't wait to try the new features.

Currently yes. I'm planning to add standing play later, together with comfort settings!

You can hold the steering wheel with any of the grip buttons so switching them won't change anything, unless you have some physical problems on a hand.

In any case I will add a button layout customization later, as soon as there will be any kind of menu.

There aren't yet in this build, sorry, but it's absolutely something I will add.

Thanks again for the insight! Hope you manage to find the issues eventually, these issues can get really challenging at times.

I'll join the Discord server soon!

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Are these fixes into #195? Because yesterday I played #192 and had the same problems as Arakorn, but only during one of the two playthroughs I did, both on Tourist.

The first one went totally smooth (render scale 0.7x, AA 2x). The second instead, hours later, was all jittery no matter the graphics setup, even after starting a new level many times. Menu was always fine though! Pretty weird.

I'll update to #195 asap to check it out. By the way, have you considered a Discord server for the game?

Thanks for replying and for the insight! I realize it's quite expensive to render for a low-power hardware like Quest.

Will be on the lookout for next updates! Wish you all the best. :)

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Been playing the game for a while and I find it really, really good, totally in my top three games for Quest. Love the atmosphere and the locomotion of course. I have some gripes with it though (Quest version)!

Performance is kinda bad compared to other games. To play decently smooth I have to play with 0.8x resolution, direct-to-vr on, no AA or Bloom... It's quite dull and pixelated. But I recognize it's a custom engine and the non-euclidean space makes things a bit heavy (multiple cameras everywhere). I hope there's room for improvement, the Quest version could really stand out with just a bit more detail.

In my experience using Unity, shadows and shaders are what kill Quest performance. Reducing polycount helps mostly with memory, but probably there's something in the shaders that is slowing down things? The game looks already very lowpoly, I believe there's something else going on.

The elevator section with the cannons is pretty harsh. Lots of crouching to avoid death (even with crouching disallowed in the options), hard to see where the elevators will go when having multiple branches... The shield droid can only help some. After a couple runs it feels annoying rather than scary/anxious.

That's all, I believe. Keep on with the amazing work!

Played yesterday on Quest in a very small space (4x2 cells), still had a blast. Felt kinda tense at times, maybe due to the feeling of not knowing what to expect... Totally looking forward to play more and in larger spaces!

Aside from some slight fps drops, I’d like to report a bug: I grabbed one of those small flying worm/disc bots that stick to walls, and thrown it out of a rooftop... It flew around a bit, then the game crashed hard, forcing me to reboot Quest. Maybe it didn’t find a wall to stick on!

Just discovered this from your last tweet. Any chance for an OSX version?

Any chance of an OSX version? I would like to have a try. :)

Awesome! Wil try it later for sure. :)

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I really enjoyed my first run with it, the driving difficulty is just right and satisfactory. Love the overall feeling!

Time for bug reporting: I have some issues with menu controls. I couldn't highlight "SELECT" when choosing a car. Then I linked a mouse to the laptop, clicked randomly, and it went on... No cursor was showing up anyways. Also I couldn't figure out how to change weather. One last thing: how do you reverse?

Great work anyways, will follow for sure. Hope in an OSX or iOS release later on!

Agree with Tuiat, this game is super nice (reminds me of Undertale) but very frustrating to play with the mouse only. Windows 98 already had keyboard shortcuts for pressing buttons. :P

This is beautiful. Can't wait to play! :D

I definitely love this little game. Thanks. <3