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Mr. Bob was right, the house was designed to torture me. I've been trying to navigate through the maze for like 30 minutes or more and keep dying because I keep going to the wrong directions even tho there's a pile of skeleton bones guiding me.

But hey, I finally managed to beat the game. Its was so fun totally did not rage and broke my keyboard while playing it (:

By the way, I can't help but mention how incredible Alesa's cake was. It's a true masterpiece of artistry. I even had the thought of printing a picture of it and framing it as a funny souvenir.

Beautiful <3

I am good at turn-based combat games. It's easy for me because I plan first before encountering a monster. I'm pretty sure I'm a god at strategy games.

By the way, the dolphin's music is the most unsettling music I've ever come across; the laughing in the background complements it disturbingly well...

Great job! Your work is impressive! I'm eagerly looking forward to another sequel

It was fun, its hard tho when he keep chasing me forever.

Amazing game

It made me so much entertained of the game

This game was fun and pretty funny
good job

Amazing game

I am good at strategy and this game is very well made for me

First try btw no deaths

Amazing truly amazing

really sad how the dog died but hoping he/she will have a better life up in the sky

That was the best gameplay i ever had it was fun!

Very funny game... 

I hope there is more funny stuff in the future

very great game

it messed my head for a bit but its alright

Very great scary game almost made me a heart attack

i was shaking and i almost died at the end

i want to hear about the lore and more levels with different characters and different stories about the killer

Yeah very great game i love it 

ill post my video soon if i edited it

heres my fan art :) ill make it as thumbnail in next funny video



me too lol 2 people

wow... just 2 people... and i produce 2 rations and they keep going 1 line each day... kinda easy :D

spoiler picture ending...

finally i beat the game...

great game i wish there is a part 2...

really great simple game you got there

i love it

very good game

simple but fun!

Lmao it looks like kobold siege XD

Nice game btw

Haha coding go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

There is suspicious going in here


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super hard

I hope there is a power-up if you die you can collect power-ups to make the game even better and easier

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I can't find anything help i wanna see the other ending

and yes i speed run it

how do i get the second ending?

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screenshot spoilers:




this game made me cry as frick! why did you do that!?!??!?

btw just wondering how did meowmie died? please explain PLEASEEE~~!!

Burn baby burn!!

nevermind its not that a big problem

Totally agree

the main character i choose the original name

wow this is really good not gonna lie its good

keep up the good work for more views!!

ayo that is close and that is my birthday too :0

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Hello my name is Commander_K you can just call me K for short i am just a survivor playing your game and it was awesome! really simple to play it was scary for me but i learned how to master it

edit: I can't join the discord server because it won't let me there is a error that the sever is empty no channels or other things

The game is super super hard! to beat because there is some bots that old players are

i made a other name says "u r gay" literally
and changed it back in a normal and and i fight with my own self

me too

I am not a furry but the story is awesome and the designs is on fire!! 

really enjoyed the game i hope i can see robin and joseph together again in a awesome journey

Again, i am really thank you for the game i love it and be safe!


- Commander_K 

nah its easy auto clicker or E auto 

its me commander_k i support this game alot, ill wait until the game is updated and has alot of things to do and to play

bogos binted

Let me get my auto clicker

this is relateable