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what a BEAUTIFUL and CUTE game! <3 i wish make something like this one day * --- * * U*

Thanks! :D

Could we make a team for the other jam? :3

send me a message Nick_Lima#9308

do you wanna help? (:

check the message i left to you, on discord

I will appreciate it a lot! you can talk more with me, for discord: Nick_Lima#9308

what a different history, and original context ^^ i like magic and witches, then you have my five stars :3

I definitely likes the mechanic where you need to control the light to know where you're stepping :3 nice work!

Amazing concept! I like the way you explore the power of chameleon :3

Amazing concept! I like the song and the fractal world you created on the background :D

great game, with a good mechanic and artstyle (:

Hello! Very few games have earned my comment, but yours deserves one: I discovered a lot of hidden feelings while playing the last level and I didn't read anything about the controls...I loved the mechanics and the music is addictive and necessary. I controlled myself with high philosophical reflections(perseverance, faith, a lot of them) for almost an hour, to get past the last stage, and recorded a five minute gameplay almost as soon as I discovered the double jump! congratulations for the game and for existing! I will keep this with me always, to see in a difficult time in life!

p.s: I'm really curious to know if you would like to play my game (:

don't worry! btw, i can help you with music, if you want for curiosity, or need it for a future gamejam (;

"Sometimes art must push the boundaries of definitions and overcome obstacles to be seen." hmmm, a lot of five stars for your concept! (:

I like to much this concept and these mechanics * ---* for the best experience, please make songs with more variation :3 great work!!

So nice you like it! I made the trolling on purpose hahaha Thanks a lot! ^^

Nice ^^ this made me wanna compose for you, but the song it's so good too!! :3

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Simple and Brilliant! :3
(and sooo cute ::'_'::)

a good game with a good music, and a great concept, i like the player have use both hands to finish those levels. good work (:

I played it, three times! Thank you for your creation! <3

I really admire your creativity! Keep it up!

I can't help it: how many levels? haha
Good game, with great mechanics! :)

Very creative game! :3

Thank you! :3 I'll certainly consider it for the next game

Hey! Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm happy that you like it ^^

for the controls you use space and directionals, the others controls will introduced on the game

Very good game! I like the scenary, how you fit the effects and how the songs, and the whole idea of the game. Everything matched perfectly, and I would love for it to have a sequel. It really was a good overcome from all the other games you've made: 3

hey! I have a little group of three sound designers :D we would like to help you with your music! :D

Wow! I swear I didn't realize, really! I need to learn to make procedural games, seems so cool (;

Hey! I played your game :D I like the visual and the collisions sound ^_^ maybe in a improvement, you could add a map that tells the number of levels, buuut it's an amazing game :3 for some time, I felt like i was in a eletric maze challenge! Keep going ^^

first, hello, I translated and read your text carefully, and although I don't quite understand what you intend to do with these codes, I want to help you. I must to say, I don’t have much experience with game arts, I started a course very recently ... but I love music and games sound, I usually do this part sounds interesting (although I don’t know exactly what software is used for this) ... well, I intend (try) to create a very simple and independent game to send too (then, we can have two!!!), and I don't know how to program very well, so if we get together, maybe we will have a lot to learn and share ^_^ just have a little patience, my english is not fluent yet ... oh! and about your thoughs, yes, you should relax and try to have more fun while create games, just try to do it on deadline and you will have no problems .... I am also quite a perfectionist, you know? I understand that, I identified myself so much. it is. I hope your answer :)

Hello again, Alisa ^^ well, I want that you define where (your preference) and when we will talking 'bout to make a brainstorming(maybe?), create levels, skills and more, for that I could send this arts or songs to you as fast as I can... I would love talk you here, but to send things, it's a little complicated, it isn't? I really know how, but, maybe it's not the right platform... think 'bout it, more thing: I'm a good with sounds, sonoplasty, then if you need some music (specially guitar songs), I can do it; just reply me :) my e-mail is: (in case, you need)

sure! you can count on me

I'll adore :)