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This is freaking amazing! As said in another comment it's so incredibly satisfying with all the ridiculously well designed animations that there's no way to get truly mad when dying. It's an incredible feeling even to get shot, I love the fact that you move a little when you die as well, it's just absolutely amazing!
A couple experiences I had that really make this game special to me:

- After hours of playing through it and (due to my extreme lack of skill) only getting 4/12 of the documents when they all spawned right next to each other, I decided to try something really dumb. I shot straight up when met with a room that had a sky. The bullet went up, and twinkled into nothingness. While it lay somewhere so high I couldn't see it, I wondered if it was even plausible for any game to have a bullet come straight back down, I doubted it would work. Then, slowly, it fell and twinkled back into existance. I stood, awestruck, and when I thought this game couldn't get any better, I heard a faint "whizz" as the bullet flew and hit something I couldn't see. Truly amazing.

- The stanima bar was realistic, but the fact that you can hear your heart pounding as you run makes it really feel like you get exhausted after running a while, but it's amazing that you've added the stanima bar falling faster when you run up stairs, and jerkily as you jump. I also love how when you crawl you can still run, but not as fast as when you stand. I really like this elemant a lot.

- The fact that all enemies have specific weaknesses, the turrets have a spot where it will stop turning, and a spot to disable it entirely. And if you're really too lazy to deal with these weaknesses, you can waste 4-5 bullets on the head and disable it. With the flying drones, each rotor you hit will make it spin awkwardly, the other rotor supporting it alone. If you hit both, the drone falls but remains active, shocking in vain. Really love this!

- And finally, of course, the thing I downloaded the game for! The gun mechanics, all the little clicks and clangs, the fact that you can do anything you can in real life with it. It takes serious skill to do anything quickly and effeciently with it, and when a drone is after you, you usually don't have time to reload a whole nother magazine.

It's all so satisfying! Again, all of these elemants combined make it impossible to get angry when you die, you just smile and try again. Knowing you'll probably never get all 12 documents, but not caring. The game is so good, infact, you aren't playing to win. You're playing to continue experiencing the clicks and clangs, the moments of terror at running out of ammo, and the pure realistic and extremely fun scenario you find yourself in. I abosolutely love it. If it's not too much a bother, as it seems you've taken no corners in designing easily one of the most satisfying FPSs I've ever seen out there, please, continue working on this. Do what the description suggests you planned to do, and move beyond other simulators, making this a real game using all of these awesome mechanics.

I know you probably won't read this all, but thank you so much if you did.

-sincerly, a very drone-shot fan.

That was definitely very interesting, I was exposed, I fed the pit. Definitely a game I would suggest to anyone interested in exploring to your very limits, I never wanted to leave that fire xD but in the end when I did and started feeding the pit, it was much harder to freeze to death.

Still, I absolutely love the idea of it, it's a really unique take on memorization and...spying? xD

Loved it! Sounds would be nice, (however I know you've already adressed that) maybe a level 2 or longer difficulty? Either way, it was really fun.

But fun!

I know right?

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Some of the simplest games can be funner than the most complex ones.

Always thought that was intresting. :)

I love how the music sped up along with your enemy, which is really your past self.

Same! That ending was amazing!

Love it.

It's a pleasent 5 minute game :) very fun.

so what are you working on now?

BUG! when you get the best pistol and level up to level 5 the xp bar bugs out and you can't get any ammo.

this game is really fun!!! wish that there were more difficult levels to play, though i still loved the adventure that was already there.

game is great i love the graphics! wish i could program like that.

though the esc restarting game thing got a bit annoying.

i am now level 100 and rank 5 outstanding pistol and STILL engjoying it

if you make another game like this let me know ill play it for sure!

i had fun with this game, im sure people are different with how long they would play this but i personaly have gotten to level 80+ and still enjoy it.