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That was definitely very interesting, I was exposed, I fed the pit. Definitely a game I would suggest to anyone interested in exploring to your very limits, I never wanted to leave that fire xD but in the end when I did and started feeding the pit, it was much harder to freeze to death.

Still, I absolutely love the idea of it, it's a really unique take on memorization and...spying? xD

Loved it! Sounds would be nice, (however I know you've already adressed that) maybe a level 2 or longer difficulty? Either way, it was really fun.

But fun!

I know right?

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Some of the simplest games can be funner than the most complex ones.

Always thought that was intresting. :)

I love how the music sped up along with your enemy, which is really your past self.

Same! That ending was amazing!

Love it.

It's a pleasent 5 minute game :) very fun.

so what are you working on now?

BUG! when you get the best pistol and level up to level 5 the xp bar bugs out and you can't get any ammo.

this game is really fun!!! wish that there were more difficult levels to play, though i still loved the adventure that was already there.

game is great i love the graphics! wish i could program like that.

though the esc restarting game thing got a bit annoying.

i am now level 100 and rank 5 outstanding pistol and STILL engjoying it

if you make another game like this let me know ill play it for sure!

i had fun with this game, im sure people are different with how long they would play this but i personaly have gotten to level 80+ and still enjoy it.