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I do want to say though, the game looks and plays beautifully, your UI is incredibly nice and impressive. I'm very interested in diving into your game when some things get patched up. Cause it looks excellent really.

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The game looks and seems really nice and fun, but the controls are a bit confusing and aggravating. You can't use the numpad for everything, which means I have to switch to the arrow keys when handling inventory.. The ? menu is misleading, things such a D to lay down, which is achieved by using the stand up key.. D doesn't do anything.. Also, the @ key doesn't show any sort of "Character screen"..

EDIT: I just removed a cursed tower shield in my hand by equipping my battlemace..

(1 edit) Streamed Xaskazien win by Dynast! Tons of enemies are willing to walk into dangerous terrian though, you might need to check into that.

It is not possible currently, its something unique to the Wildheart.

Another Xas vod is up! has some good game discussion in it

Hey! Thanks for the new patch.. Just wanted to stop by and show you someone streamed your game recently! Overall they really enjoy it and will probaly stream it again!

I can see where you're coming form, and it all makes sense to me. Looking at it this way summons themself do seem to be in a good spot, what seems to be more of the issue is that 40 Faith is extremely hard to come by whereas your character can start with the spell points needed to cast a summon spell, and by the time you have it; summoning an Orc Champion isn't as useful as it should be.

Maybe this is more of an issue with Faith gain? 

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I've been exclusively playing a Half-orc Barb of Hornan, great beginner combo I'd recommend for any new players.. Anyway, I just wanna suggest maybe buffing Hornan's Summon Orc Champion prayer? When its most effective is the first few 1-3 dungeon levels, but its cost makes it so you're not able to actually use it consistently on those floors compared to something cheaper and more appropiate like Strike prayer.

Summons as a whole from my limited experience using Hornan's prayer and wands seem rather weak and quickly become useless 4+ dungeon levels in, thoughts?

Glad to hear it! Thank's alot! I'm currently sitting on a level 5 Half-orc Barbarian and just wanted to chime in and say the new Perk system is really cool and I love the flavor it adds to the game! Machoism giving me the occasional EXP from taking damage is really unique and my favorite perk so far.

So I've been completely addicted to Caverns since I made my last comment here, its the most fun I've had playing a roguelike since I first discovered them. 

I was wondering if you could slightly reduce or maybe give us an option to increase/decrease the map scroll speed with the arrow keys?

Hello Mr.Dev, I was wondering what a good beginner race/class combo would be? common sense would say whatever swings the heaviest weapon and takes the most hits, but I wanted your opinion first. Thank you for developing such an awesome and free RL!

Great game 9/10 would buttfuck. Excited for new developments!