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Your note has been taken, the tracks where just backwards for which way the deer was heading. 

I saw that you wanted to, "expose the significance of actually killing something, and the consequences of death that videogames rarely try to cover" and I didn't really get this as another comment stated but I did feel sad more of for the part of the main character never being able to live up to his fathers expectations... I played it without reading the description really and I thought that was the main point. 

I feel like the length of the map might have been a tad bit too big but it added to a tiredness one could feel after tracking a deer into the Scottish Highlands. 

I earnest I thought this was a  great story about a "accountant and a teacher" mixed characters attempt at fulfilling his fathers expectations.  

tfw I'm still not popular, great game though played to the 2000's

I checked it out and it turned out to be my OpenGL wasn't a new enough version. Tried figuring out how to update it. Nothing really worked. I'm switching to Linuxmint and probably will partition Ubuntu as well. Debian wasn't my favorite anyways. I'm going to delete my posts then so this doesn't clutter in here

Ok so I can download the file and I can run the Beans Inc.x86_64 but all I get is the configure screen. After that it doesn't start the game.

I'm running: Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 64-bit

Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E8300 @ 2.83GHz × 2

graphics: Intel® Q35

I know its the potatoes of computers compared to modern devices. But I hope I can play Beans Inc. and be able to test it out for you on Debian. I have a windows laptop that I have played the earlier version on. Keep up the good work!!

wait you mean I wasn't just supposed to give them raw cookie dough. Woops. Didn't realize the oven was a thing

just watched your vid on this game!