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that was so adorable! i got ending 4 and i already know this is gonna be my favorite one!! thank you for creating something so cute ^^ (and the art?? wowie)

Thank you so much ^^

Hi!! I might sound a bit stupid right now, but i can not for the life of me find the first password for Teal's appearance -_- . I checked the read_before_playing dozens of times and ive looked for log.txt but i cant find any password... please help lol

idk who did this to mochi but i will not hesitate to stab

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yessss trick!! I love them sm akjhfsjk thank you for adding them theyre beautiful

I loved the demo, and i was so happy when this came out!! I only got around to playing it now, but everything was totally worth the wait!! Thank you for making this wonderful game \(^0^)/

hi! its been like halve a year lol but did you figure this out? it happens to me too TvT

aaaah i love the little hints Daisy gives you about time travel and stuff!! This games is the cutest aaaaah

No problem im glad you think its good ^^!

Hi uh I made some fanart uh hope you like it

woah I didn't know you did these :0! Brb reading them all


aah glad you like it ^^!!

 Hnnnn im really quick but I made fanart so here ya go: the drawing

Heck I loved it!!! Im not too good at writing large paragraphs so ill just say, it was amazing and I cant wait for your next project, and the one after that, and after that.......

can I date Suuji thanks

no problem!! glad you like it!

http://colorycloud.deviantart.... i made you some fanart!! Hope you like it!

Aaah just read you FAQ on your blog and its on there!! Should have checked that first haha

Hiiii! You probably get this question a lot, but what program do you use? Sorry to bother you!

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I cant wait!

Aaaah this was so cute!! Took me a while to get everything done haha... I hope there will be more adventures waiting for CiCi :0! Oh and i loved how Treat was in there hehe. Overall, i loved this game! Nice storyline, neat designs and relatable characters! 10/10

Aaaah i loved it! Trick is so cute and i hope we will get to see more of her in the future :D!

aaah thank you!! cant wait to try it out

wellllllll i might have also played all of those (except kaima because it kinda scares me and delicacy because 18+) :). Also, do you have instagram? because i would love to make you fanart but the only social media i have is insta :,)

This was so adorable help ;-; what will i do now that its over??? Do you recommend a game/creator?