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J’adore comment on passe d’un registre absurde et comique à un sens beaucoup plus profond sur l’acte de créer des choses et sur l’échec ; avant de revenir sur un sujet débile.

Best sound effect.

Love the vibes of this game. It’s like the pokemon trading card game: when I was a kid, everyone was into it but nobody knew how to play.

Translating this game into english would be a lot of work, and I can’t afford to do that right now. I’m sorry.

Love it! I definitely think Twine and Bitsy are non-solid, soft / fluid game-making tools, and using these tools as an enby / trans developer makes perfect sense to me! I’m gonna share this to some people.

OMG that’s so cool, I would have loved to print some cards and try them out!

I just played this game with a friend I deeply love and it was such a good and amazing experience, thank you! The other player and I talked about this game experience together. We figured out that what’s difficult about intimacy is not intimacy itself, but rather how to get to that intimacy. And this game perfectly fits that purpose. Lots of love to you <3

Thank you! I’m glad it was worth it!

I’m so glad this helped you! That’s exactly the purpose of this game, thanks for your feedback :)

You’re welcome! I’m glad you wrote something. Was it a good experience?


Damn it, I got the job.

Sweet! … And sweaty.

Un jeu conscient de ses propres défauts. La quatrième mur s’est effondré !!!

You’re welcome ! <3

It’s fucking cool and well-made, to be fair!

Little bug report though: if you type something too long, the text is not centered anymore when you type something else afterwards!

In fact, I did enjoy it. uwu

Ooooh my god I love this bitsy. Fuck the world, I just wanna kiss the girl!

I loved it, I can totally relate to it. Thanks for this twine!

This game is very delightful, with such an emphasis on consent… Love it! <3

Wow, fantastique ! Ce jeu aurait pu s’intituler “Pizzaventure 3000” !


I sent you an e-mail 1 or 2 weeks ago, I hope you received it and I hope you’re doing fine!

Thank you so much! Your comment really cheers me up!

Hello, I am very, very happy to read your answer. Thanks for writing all this and sharing it with me!

I guess passing is far from being just personnal: it’s a matter of context, of society, and so on… And I guess this is what makes passing painful. It’s something you can’t really control, it’s out of reach.

As for you character Fancy, it totally sounds like an awesome idea! Have you ever considered collaborating with someone else?


Humanity needs more games like this!!!

« Y faut pas pousser de la confiture comme une baleine »


Good boy!

Fantastic work, I loved it. Thanks for doing this. This is one of the things I really don’t like about dating games (espacially with anime characters), they all look the same, with “pretty”, white and thin datable characters. That’s so fucking boring! This essay makes a lot of sense to me.

100% enjoyed this game. The ending is so very cute!

So cute!

I deeply enjoyed playing this game, as a trans woman. I tried getting different endings, but I only got the misgendering ending. Make me wonder, though… Is passing about being seen as a woman or about being seen as a cis woman, to you? I’d rather be seen as a queer, trans woman than a man; as long as people are respectful to me and use the correct pronouns, I’d be 100% okay with that. I live with a langage –french– that genders absolutely everything (nouns, verbs, adjectives…) and getting misgendered in french is harsh and happens quite a lot. Anyway, thanks for this game, lots of love!


Nice Bitsy you have here!

Lots of doggo fun!

I love chaos.

I already knew a little bit about Anni Albers. Now I just wanna dive into her art, thanks!