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I am currently on a quest for cool and positive erotic games, and this one is gold. I really, really love it. The characters are cute and deep. Their love feels true and relatable. The art is really nice, and Havi’s butt ever nicer. Congrats on making this game! <3

Why am I so terrible at fixing things?

This game is so adorable! I love it!

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I like it a lot! It’s a kind of interesting mix between a space invader and a break-out. The kind of gravity applied to the ball is kind of wierd, though… I made a game that is rather similar to yours, you might want to check it out: Break It! For a first release, it’s really cool! Looking forward to your next games!

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La Fumée des Miettes

Nicely done! :p

Yeah, agreed!

Oh my, that is SO cute.

Yeah, I want to love myself too.

That is so cute. The ending is very funny.

That's a lot of toasts!

Excellent. This is the road to a greater and toastier future.



Ikr, thank you so much!

J'aime les monstres. Il est temps de sortir les ciseaux pour du découpage.

Qui a besoin de lumière, de toute façon ? Il suffit de mettre du savon sous chacun de ses meubles.

Quelle passion pour les sandwich et les hippocampes. J'aime beaucoup l'histoire et la manière dont elle est écrite.

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Kayak 2 Rue est la solution à tous vos problèmes. J'ai guéri du Covid grâce à ce jeu.

« Don't fuck with the chenille »

Oh my! I had so much fun, and so much toasts.

You should add a symbol for that : ↓

Nice game. At first I didn't understand why I wasn't able to make my last creatures evolve instead of the 3 first ones... I didn't understand they were just in the bottom of the selection screen, I just had to push the down button.

Squares… Squares everywhere!

Excellent game. I like how the memories are told, and how emotional a simple conversation between two friends can get. It is touching.

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Hello there!

I'm Colombage En PLS, and I am very happy to introduce you a new game I made and just published: Break It!

Break It! is a kind of fusion between Break out and Space invaders, in a minimalistic and rather abstract world. Face entire waves of different red-shaped enemies, with more than 18 levels, and 3 bosses! Upgrade your engine and unlock powerful skills through an addictive game, establish your own style, and HAVE FUN!

There's the link to try it out:

Making that game took me half a year, and I did it all by myself: programming, sound, music, design…
I hope you'll have a good time playing it! Thank you very much for your attention!

A very simple game and yet very touching. I guess you used Twine to make it?