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Both version don't work on mac for most people, how did you run i

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For me it says I just can't open it. Why Mac, WHYYYY

I am going to try to fix any bugs in this game, I would like to have feedback on the present game to do so, any feedback would be great and thanks for playing my game.

Everyone should be proud of themselves

The results tab doesn't  seem to include, is that just me or are we still waiting on the final decision

This is really useful, thank

I made my first ever platformer and I made my own parallax background script

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This link should work:

Also thanks for telling me about these issues.

Could you post a mac version please, thanks

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Fix it, try again, thanks for telling me

This is my first published godot game

I used your font for a game jam, here is the link to my game:

Your font was great

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Here is my game:

This link should work:

Have fun and please say how many times you died as a reply, also feedback is welcomed and encouraged

This should be fun, good luck to all