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francis anne

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looks like they use they/them pronouns

wow. i want to write so much here but i genuinely don't have the words. thank you so much for making this im going to be thinking about it for a very long time

very excited to see what you're cooking up! :)

omg!!! i'm so excited for this!!!!! i LOVED serre and i love this little lad!

this is incredible, i can't wait to play more!

this is a really impressive little demo!! the music and art are both incredible :)
i did encounter some bugs though, especially with stairs- i just fell through them a few times, including one time in the ending area that trapped me beneath them, so i had to restart from my save point.

all things considered though this is a very strong start! i'm excited to see what happens next to my favourite tiny delivery robot :>

i love this its so beautiful and haunting <3!!