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Thank you so much! Glad it could offer some self reflection =)

Haha thanks so much! Totally agree. I'd love to go back and add some extra features to make this more of a game and less of a tech demo

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This was a project I set out to make over the course of a week Unity ECS and DOTs. Inspired by gamedev youtuber Dani who made a battle royale that was not looking thicc, I wanted to do something about that. You can fight your way to be the last person standing amongst 100-100,000 enemies.

Would love thoughts, feedback, and if you're interested in me expanding the game!

Thanks for your time!

I'm afraid it looks like the Mac build has an issue. I will be uploading a fresh build as well as a web version when the Jam voting session is over. Sorry about this.

Thank you so much! I mostly just record in OBS while I'm working then edit all the best clips together in Adobe Premiere then write out a little outline/script and record a voice over bit of me connecting all the best bits and filling in the info and narrative then edit that all together.

Oh my god! This is incredible! One of my favorites from the jam! I want a full release!

Really good idea! The music switch had me rolling. The one problem I had was the platforming controls felt really odd in some places where friction and gravity force were sometimes super lax and sometimes super intense making it hard to make jumps with the inconsistency. But fixing this could make for a great little game!

Ha love this! With a little tune up on the car handling this could easily be a a full project! Great Job!  

Interesting detective game! I really like the idea! Was pretty confused on how to determine the criminal though. But given this is a jam game, the amount of dialogue here is impressive. Great Job!

Awesome idea! Super creative! I don't much feedback other than with a little polish this could be full project. One bug I found though was using the arrow keys I was able to move the top down player but not jump on the platformer character (not a big deal just wanted to mention it)

I made a mini devlog covering my development of my Mix and Game Jam game this past weekend!

Let me know what you think

If you want to check out my submission, Play Tiny Planet Protectors:

And if you made a video about the jam or submitted a project, leave it down below I'd love to check it out =)
Thanks for watching!

Thanks! Yeah I regret not putting more of a tutorial in but ran short on time. Glad you were able to figure it out and appreciate the design!

Thank you so much! I m glad you appreciate it =)

Thanks! Yeah I regret not putting more of a tutorial in but ran short on time. Glad you were able to figure it out!

Thank you so much! And  yeah I would definitely more slowly ramp up difficulty in a full release if I  had more time to make this more than bite sized.

Aw thank you! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much! Totally agree! More on screen feedback and better difficulty balancing are number one priorities if I come back to this project!

Thank you so much! And  yeah I would definitely more slowly ramp up difficulty in a full release if this didn't have to be bite size.

Playing this while having a drink! My only question is why am I so small? lmao

Super cool gameplay premise of having to make your way towards what is essentially the eye of Sauron. Would love to see this idea more complete!

This is such a cute idea I love it!

I Made a game called Tiny Planet Protectors!

It's a space farming game mixed with tower defense

Aw thank you for doing this! I made a game called Tiny Planet Protectors!

It's a space farming game mixed with tower defense

Wow this is really hard! I could not figure out how to beat this for the life of me. Also didn't know that e and q swap visibility until I came to the comments here. I would maybe consider more instructions in game and not having bullets chase the player/give them more invisibility time to make it feel overall more forgiving. 

The art design was really nice! Wish there was a bit more than to explore and collect the gold though.

Thought this was an interesting entry. Bit difficult to see the cars coming at you with having no camera control though.

Fun idea! As others have said, having to take my hand off the mouse to type does make it  difficult bordering on frustrating. Other than this, its one of the more fun typing game entries I've play, good job!

The gameplay of hopping on your other player was very clever and fun!  Definitely got a little challenging with the one hit deaths but overall a great game!

Haha i ran till the ground stopped spawning and I ascended to the stars. 10/10

One of my favorites I've played!

All its missing is some music and the tile placement felt a little finnicky at times but despite this I still had to force myself to put it down lol. Great job =)

Took  me a couple minutes to figure out what the colors do but I think with more explanation this idea has a lot of potential! Great job!

I can't seem to get very far as I keep entering the office, alarm goes off and I lose immediately. I enjoyed that you were able to add a story to the game in time though!

Super polished! Love the visual style. Would like to see more of this

Love this and it has a lot of potential for future levels! Really want more 

Absolutely amazing submission. Art, gameplay, theme, all perfect in my opinion. Great job!

Super cute game loved the art style here!

Love the art style and color choices! And the combo of tetris meets platformer is dope!

Ha thanks for trying it out!

Thank you so much! Totally agree, hope to balance and slow the gameplay loop  a little more if I continue this project!

Oh no bummed to hear about the Mac build hopefully can upload fresh builds after voting. Happy to hear you enjoyed it regardless though! Thanks =)