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Nice, thank's for your work ! Is there way to change the key to open the console ? I have a french keyboard and the key in the same position is ²


Could you provide a compiled one in console mode while you find an appropriated solution  please ? some dragonruby-dev.exe ?

Thank's a lot

You don't use a VCS ?

I don't have them in my archives anymore, if anyone have it it would be nice to up it anywhere (or i'll do it)

You should create only one discord for all jam and then create a chanel when it start

I think he mean like in C4D or other 3d software than a shape carve in another. 

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" DirectX, .NET Framework " are not "part of OS", you have to install them. 

SDL2 or SDL is shipped with some Linux Distro or Used by a lot of software (that would auto install those package).

So I don't really understand how you limit the library :/ 

Yeah I use the SDL2 and with the vorbis, PNG, typefont dll it start to be big without even my own binary 

Hello, Even for simple Text and Sound decoding the dll are big, does they count or it's only the binary+res ?

Thank's :)

It was my first jam, the first day I was slowly coding, making the base of the engine, but the second day I was in a hurry ! I was like "Damn didn't finished the engine and didn't do anything related to the game !!! SHIET" And it was really stressfull and sent the game with bugs and unfinished thing 1m before the end ahah

Thank's :D

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Oh thank's !

I didn't had time to do a retry button, I had lot of error for the var and I had like 10m left for the submission ahah.

It's a Score game, you try to do the best score :)

Thank's again :)

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First 48 secret jam I do and in the rules you said :

"Get involved

  • Join our Discord channel (a #48Secret channel will be created during the jam).
  • Use hashtag #48Secret to share your content on social media.
  • Vote for the games you like.  "

So you have a discord (public ?) ? If yes it could be nice to link it, or I didn't understand what you said.

Thank's, hope to finish my game in time ;)

Super tool ! Are you gonna update your tool to use the new Tileset tool in Unity ? Thank's :)

Yeah no problem it's really quick to do.


Super cool !

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I updated the link with 3 new block for Arch, like the other, they're not perfect but can be helpfull

I updated some old model to make them really 1x1x1

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I start with some random block I made on sketchup to try a bit custom block and learning sketchup. 

12 (6 with 2 variant)

They have material with up to three different color area.

They're are not representing really something but with scale and rotating it can be usefull for building mechanic stuff, use them like primitive.

Picture :


Little example : 

Other Direction