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really enjoyed this, just wish i had more time to play it when i was making the video

hey, no problem i enjoyed it :D

Hey, i made a video on this, i liked it. it has good humour but I suck at it.

Hey i just made a video on this with my friend, really enjoyed it, fun little game to play when you have friends round.

just uploaded a video on this really enjoyed it, good visuals.

enjoyed playing this, it's a good little time waster i would say the only problem is the controls, maybe controller support would be good or maybe make it so that you can strafe but you walk slower when strafing to balance it out.

really enjoyed this game i even went back for more after i finished recording.

Me and this game have a love hate relationship, It loves to piss me off and i hate that it's so addicting

really enjoyed this game, full of action and fast paced, a little bit short but all in all really good.

I enjoyed this game a lot, simple but good looking graphics, nice music and an innovative idea for the character, i just wish it was longer. :D

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really enjoyed raft and larry the shark would love it if in the future you could have a multiplayer

I really enjoyed making a video on this, the way that you made the game area so simple and the perspective of and detail in the background was great, good job.

ok I'll have another go when it's updated, i might do another video on it too. good luck with it!

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just uploaded a video of this, had a lot of fun playing but the enemy is really hard to beat on singleplayer

really enjoyed making a video on this, it's a fun little game that makes you use your brain a bit, well done on a great game.

i just made a video on this game and i had so much fun in it

i made a short video on this rage inducing nightmare it is really hard but then again sidescrollers and I don't get along very well.

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I just made a video on this I love it, hope the game doesn't get taken down, good luck

really enjoyed this little game i made a video on it

as of now this is the most viewed video on my channel people love iitt keep up the good work

I really loved playing this game, very funny i made a video on it, it will be up in about 10 minutes here:

I absolutely loved making a video on this game