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Оно действительно так делает.  :D
Попробуй воспользоваться лестницей.)

Just finished my approximately 20-hour-long session of Ecoclicker, feeling good. :D

Froze the earth once, otherwise managed just fine. It was a fun experience and I'm totally looking forward to playing your new game!

This made my evening! Really engaging and interesting.

The tutorial is very helpful and you master the basics pretty fast. You also are never lost in this game, there's always a new water system to build and you can see clearly what you need to do.

Won in 124 turns, Normal Difficulty. Had a lot of fun!

Thank you so much for your feedback!

We're very glad you've liked the game so far. It's only going to get better from now on. ;)

P.S. The visuals are created by our amazing scriptwriter who happened to know their way around ArtBreeder. Just a fun fact to know. :)

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If you seek a short yet meaningful experience this is the answer to your search. Highly recommend to play both sides of the story, it doesn't take long and the way the whole story unfolds is definitely worth it.

P.S. Better play the boy's part first, this way it is more engaging.

Thank you, dear devs, for making this evening so much better.