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This asset pack is amazing. So many icons in different color schemes and sizes. And they look great!

Thanks for playing :) I'm currently working on a much more fleshed out version of this game. I'll drop some updates on itch and my socials when the game is further along.

The art is great, and the jumping feels really good. Variable jump height with a triple jump offers a lot of control, which I enjoyed.

Beautiful art and fun game. A new Holtzzy classic.

That's not what the leaderboard says...

Thank you very much!

Knew I should have went with a Pangolin instead of a Flamingo

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

The scope and quality of the game is really impressive for a Game Jam. I had a lot of fun playing it. 

I could never have imagine this game, so hats off to you for that. The only suggestion I could make is it might be interesting if the player had more control over the flop. Perhaps rather than a binary flop right or left, there could be a flop axis controlled by the mouse or analog stick? Perhaps 3 dimensions of flopping? I'm not sure... Though the game certainly gave me a good laugh.

I loved the art style and color selection. Great art,  great particle effects. The jumping mechanic felt novel yet familiar, which is a great thing for a jam game. I felt it started off a bit too hard, but I suppose that's to be expected for a Foddian game.

The mechanics are really really fun. The movement options were interesting to explore. The game is a bit too punishing in my opinion, even for a Foddian game. Some visual aspects make it hard to know exactly where your player is in relation to other objects at times. Overall, an amazing game for a jam. Would love to play a fully fleshed out ARPG with these mechanics.

The game was really fun to play and the sense of humor was great. Not sure how Foddian the game is, but it's a great game and an amazing shitpost. I'm sure this would be super popular on Ludwig's subreddit.

The game was fun! Like others have said, my main issues were the missing sprite you noted and the tap controls. Once I got all of that figured it out, it was smooth sailing.

The movement mechanic was really fun! Loved the concept.

Great game! The fluid mechanics were very fun!

Great game by a great penguin

Great concept! The game is fun. The instructions help a lot! Hope you continue with this concept, I think it has a lot of potential.

Great game! The 12th and 13th levels are very tricky!

Loved it!

Really good!

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Put on your sunscreen for this one B)

Pesky Pangolin is Besty Pangolin

This is one SICK game. When is it going into EARly access?

Hello Danny. I made the repo public for you:

It's pretty good. The mechanics and puzzles are enjoyable.

Crashed my browser :/

Thank you! The part I was missing was AddTorque. I wasn't aware of that function. I was trying to replicate this with HingeJoint2D and RotateAround but AddTorque is way better for this use-case. I went ahead and followed you on Github, thanks again!

I actually started a learning project and I'm trying to reproduce this movement style. Any chance you could explain to me how it's done or share a Github link?


It's so hard :'(

Legend has it he's still chasing the cow

This concept is really great. I'm a huge fan. It reminds me of "snaking" in Mario Kart DS.

The writing is really well-done! Great job!

Yeah, I'll have to give that a try. Thanks for sharing!

It's really good! I like the pixel art a lot. 

Wow, this was amazing! I can't believe you made it in 48 hours. The music, art and gameplay are all great! I'm really curious about how you achieved the visual effect with everything moving around all the time.

I enjoyed it, it's very challenging and the art style is great.

I like the game a lot! The amount of attack options felt a bit overwhelming, but I was able to get by with just a few basic attacks. Really well done!