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It knows a cheat code, that's why.

In the second room, wall run to the right and try to spam the yoyo to grab the rafters. Then do some swings + wall jumps to make it to the top no problem. Play the other levels before taking on the temple if you haven't already.

No description.


The high jump is kind of weird to do. You can just hold down the crouch key for around a second, and then jump. You hold W as you jump in the air to dash into enemies. (Hold Right Click > Jump > while in the air, press W and space to dash)

I hope that helps (in the full game, Wayside Satellite, which I'm working on, the controls have been made smoother, so I'm taking your feedback)! I believe in you!

I'm listening, appreciation or otherwise.

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Here's what's different in the latest update to Christmas Satellite, and changes from 1.0:

  • Fixed some progression-related bugs on Cathii's quest if you load a save that was midway through it.
  • Fixed a rare glitch where the wrong cutscene would play at random after having seen one of the Worm cutscenes.
  • Added a new item to the game, only obtainable by beating the game without acquiring the gun (if its even possible to begin with).
  • Fixed a glitch where the gun may be sad at times when he's not supposed to be sad.
  • [MAC] Changed "Press Enter to Continue" to "Press Return to Continue". Sorry about that Mac Daddies. :l
To download this update, you have to download the game once more from the store page (I know I know, it's just the way it is). If you don't have the game installed, the download link on the store page is the most recent version.

I read anything you post here. ANYTHING.