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Its fun to play but difficult to master. This feels like a game I would want on my phone. 

The art looks cool.

Great Game.  The level design is really well thought out and fun. The backgrounds are really detailed given the small resolution. This is one of the best games from the jam in my opinion.  

Art was really good. Being able to skip the intro would be nice. 

Awesome way to make flappy bird more interesting. The gravity switch was a really good idea to make this game more fun and challenging.

Fun game. I like the game and the mechanics. I would change the enemy design to something more unique. I kept skipping over this game because I thought is was going to be a space invaders clone.

Good game, seems like it would be fun for speed running.

Thank you, It was fun to watch someone play it.

Cool game, I like the art. I would make the kamikaze function it own button through. I died by accident a lot. 

Thank you, I added the little pop up  power things(+10P or -5P) to help with that problem for the pink flame but the blue flame isn't as obvious. And when the game is moving fast these are hard to look at. Honestly the sound effects sound backwards to me too. The explosion sounds are the good ones because your playing as fire but it sounds like your taking damage.  

Sorry about the controls. The setup just feels nature for me. I know  Z/X is kind of standard. I really should start having the Arrow keys and Z/X as a back up if they aren't being used for other functions.

Cool game, It reminds me of Castlevania 2. The background sprites are a nice touch and make the game world feel more interesting.

Fun game. I had the same idea for my game with the on and off platforms but you did it in more creative ways. The springs combined with the on/off mechanic is really fun and satisfying to do it right.

Cool way to implement the on/off feature.

This game is really good, The art is nice. The battle system is fun and not like  a typical RPG. This game has the best music I heard from this jam as well. 

I like the art style and it feels really good to control. The collision detection was also perfect. I would try to find a way to make the HUD a little smaller or just redesign it to not take up as much of the screen. 

Cool Game, Even with the small screen resolution I could still see pretty far in front of me. It controlled really well too.

Awesome game, I love how smooth it controls.

Cool artwork, I really like the screen transitions.

My best score is 1403 points.

Really good puzzle game.

Cool idea!

Cool idea, I like the mine mechanic instead of a normal projectile or sword. Some of the platforms/enemy placements are a little tight though. I also wouldn't limit the number of mines you can use in a level since most of the time you will only have one on the ground when jumping from platform to platform. Overall this is a good game with a cool mechanic that is just a little too difficult.

The idea is cool. The platforms/robots were a little buggy but with a little fine tuning you could expand on this and make it into a full game. 

I like how fluidly you animated the character. It's short but fun and I died quite a few times. Good Game.

Thank you, other people had mentioned the space bar thing to. I actually had it  set to space for most of testing, lol. I usually change it to J since the space bar can cause the page to jump sometimes if the window isn't clicked on directly. I should have set it to both since I still had keys to work with.  

The roll mechanic is awesome. It's really fun to use in mid air. I don't know if this has controller support but I think this would play better with one.

The levels/sprites are really detailed for only having 2 colors. The level design is good too. I would make your weapon damage the birds and turrets instead of just the people. This is a really good game.

Really fun and addicting. This defiantly feels like a mobile game that would be fun to play on the phone.

Really good game.

Fun game, You could defiantly make a cool arcade game with this concept and less limitations.  

I really like the artwork/sprites. compared to the enemies the player is pretty big making it hard to dodge when things speed up. I think this game is fun it just needs a little fine tuning.

My best time is 1:30.

My best time is 2:33.

Thank you, Yeah some rock formations don't work well with some of the enemies AI. When testing I noticed this too so I added the run feature as a half solution. The half tile start is something I never encountered while testing, I don't think I reset the battle position so you start off in the spot where the last battle ended but I was always on the grid.  I had ideas for powerups similar to the one you mentioned but with limited time I decided not to.  I'm glad you liked it.

The overall game world really does fell like a hell scape.  Good Job. 

Thank you, Yeah the 3D didn't end up as good as I would of liked.

Cool Game, Art and music were good. The gameplay was interesting and fun.

I really liked the art style it reminds me of Hollow Knight. The only thing I would add would be the ability to hold the mouse down to shoot without having to tap it. I didn't see any cards though when I was playing.  I think that if you were to make a full game with this art, theme, and gameplay it would do really well.