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vivecraft but not

i died and fell 3 quarts of the way and won, i like this

can someone explain WHY THIS IS ON THE FNF PAGE

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be less broke

Ok Everyone!


I found out its a feature and i clicked too early so we good

This man still got it


Have you had it too?

Reload as in redownload because ive tried quitting multiple times


so do i not get to read the note?

ThE gAmE gOt UpDaTeD

we need to keep this at the top of the topics

get the gun or a morshburger, go to the mountain and go left then right then shoot or feed the spider, do anything at caveman than inspect right wall


eh, i dont think it is too much

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so at the credits for deleting Monika, it deletes a bunch of stuff, including a certain 'scripts' and when the credits finish a note/poem is displayed but i cant read it as it says 'error - script has been deleted or corrupted, please reinstall the game' in a small text box over the note

so is this a glitch or feature orr?

anyways this is a good game



at least i get to woosh someone...

But i wont, maybe it was a bit obscure

thers this big glitch where after it asks if i want to exit survey i say yes and the screen goes black and in red says error- program closed

pls help

ayooo thanks

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Drip ending

Get a rupee, go to the rupee duplicator and duplicate to above 99999, then go to the ??? and tire and heal 4 times then at the end if u have over 99999 rupees he will ask if you want some drip, say yes, you get teleported to the road, go to morshu, talk and say drip? Morshu will now say: credit? You want it, it yours my friend.

Drip ending/get some credit

(Also mabye you could use the drip with the sus suit?)

Gamer ending

Repeat drip untill at 99999 rupees, go untill 999999 rupees and then get the car then go to the small shop, and get the gaming pc, (it is there from the start) you will drop the rupees on the desk with the cashier and as you walk out of the shop the cashier will ask do you want any help? (It will take 20hp if you say no and just some dialouge if you say yes), get the car and go down the road, go to the cave and the mirror, then the shack, then a new option will be there 'set up pc' you will then get a choice for streaming:

Forknite: will say 'so outdated'

Theither of automobiles 6: 'reused too much'

RTX Morshu: '... The screen stares back'

Thursday Night Thumpin'(The right one): Perfect

Streamer/gamer ending- get lots of veiws on a stream

Riches to rags

Get a car, 9999 rupees and go down the road, there is bow an option called 'wait' wait 25 times and a bus will come, at the end he/she will ask for 9999 rupees as a fee for the trip (if you dont have enough he will kill you), then go to the town and 'climb in a bin'

Riches to rags/you lost everything...

Pals ending

Get 2 morshburgers and give one to morshu then press eat morshburger

Pals ending/be a friend to morshu

Ill post more as i think ok

Rich Ending

Literally dupe rupees untill over 100000000000000000

Rich ending/I like money 


lol i use a 2013 laptop it works fine? mebye its the OS?

please stop

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gahh uh  uhhhhhhhhh yamette kudasaiii BAAAAAAAA

lol thanks


mother ducker