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great art style!

Strange. There should be audio. I spenT some time recording all the dialogs.. maybe ich you turn volume to max? I will check your game out!

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Strange. There should be audio. I spenT some time recording all the dialogs.. maybe if you turn volume to max? I will check your game out!

Unfortunetly it is not your computer, I forgot to tick one checkBoxi in Unity before building and this why you get stuck. Sorry.

I will check out your Game!

I also made a 3d Game. Check it out:

you have 71 ratings.

I have 3. I beg you.

My Game:
I would also really appreciate some comments!

Post here that you rated my game and I will rate yours too!

Let me have about 24 hours to really take my time.

I have 2 ratings so far.. Hope you like it!

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Would be cool if you check out mine!

Hey! Thank you very much! I will check out your game!

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Hey Guys!

Yesterday evening I downloaded my game again and noticed that in my last build I forgot to mark a checkbox as false and now my player freezes at a certain point at the half of the game. Of course this was a big shock for me. At first it seemed to me that this crazy week of programming and creating from morning till night was worthless now.

But It was my first Game Jam and it couldn't have been more fun. Now, a day later, I can also think more clearly. Yesterday it was half the end of the world for me. Now I have more sympathy for the guys whose computers got destroyed in a fire or whose project files have been corrupted.

It's all less bad when I think that I at least still have my files and of course a more or less working game. And to put it in perspepctive, there are people who have been working on a businesses for several years and go bankrupt. What's a week compared to that?

So for my next Game Jam I will keep in mind:
-To give myself enough time to check if everything works as it should.
-To not write spaghetti code when the jam takes longer than 2 days. I think a bit more structure would hava saved me some more time. Now I know better.

So Anyways, I'll leave my game online and link to a new version as well, which of course can't be rated anymore, but I'd be very happy about some comments and constructive criticism, because I've put a lot of time into this game and tried hard with the theme of the game jam.

My plan was to use this Game Jam also an an opportunity to create my fist Devlog on my Youtube Channel. Despite my not so small mistake I will do it anyways. If anybody is interested, subscribe and you will get to see the video in a few days.
Link to my YT Channel:

Now my Submission, Side Effects

Game Jam Version:
New Version:

Again, I would really appreciate some comments on the game! The play time is only about 5 Minutes!

Thank you all for this awesome Game Jam and I hope to see in the upcoming ones!



perfect! Thanks!

description, Screenshots etc.

by adding you mean putting the name of the software into the credits?

As I do not have voice actors I am wondering if voice changing software is seen as a generator and therefore allowed?

Hoping to see some more 3d games!

A look at my game:

And something like Chrome Music Lab is also allowed?