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Cod Of Ages

A member registered Jul 24, 2016

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Such a beautiful and relaxing tool. From the music to the visual design to the description, every bit of it has heart and soul poured into it. It's gorgeous. 

I click install then when it finishes installing, it just goes back to telling me that I have to install it.

Same as Yinsho, put it in and it never plays

Fuck off... That would ruin the game...

I will pay any price to get the finished product

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I went through 5 phones playing this. I LOVE IT!

This seems like a cool game, I have preordered it

No, it will cost money

When will AI be added in to fight? I want to play this game but I don't have anyone to play it with locally so if we could get a estimated date for online or AI that would be good. It's fine if you can't though

Can you put this on windows please?

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Did it, thanks

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You can use the arrow keys to scroll through when you first load the game

This is a fun game with alot of oppurtunity, adding more maps, weapons and vehicles would make it perfect

I can't make tea... I know the problem is the game since I am british