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It says 1001th :o

Main menu only at the moment- I'll try to have that fixed soon

I'm an environmentalist, I would never! Some people are getting some optimization issues, I'm looking into it.

Settings has now been added in v0.2.1!

Sorry! I thought it was attached- updated now

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A man offers you riches and a choice- all you have to do is play a few simple games.

Thanks for playing! Wow, I was not expecting a gameplay within the first hour of releasing. Great video!

Glad you enjoyed the game! The updated version did remove the grapple, it was meant to not be available at all in the original as well, but managed to be overlooked as we were all rushing on the last day.  Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for the compliments! And yes, we definitely should've added more checkpoints. Playing it every day for a week made it seem a lot easier to me than it actually is. Thanks for playing!

The W key was for the grappling hook which we had to remove on the last day. Thank you for playing!

Noted about the checkpoints! Thank you for playing!

Ahhh yes we were supposed to remove that. Thank you for playing, glad you still enjoyed it!

It seemed for me my left arrow key was the only one that progressed the dialogue, in case anyone else is having trouble. This game was very beautifully written, I had a great experience playing it.

I mighta spent too much time wreaking havoc on my community with plagues

Thank you! Maybe we spent too much time on the soundtrack but at least it came out nice!

Art style was great and there's an impressive amount of content in for a week long game! Good job!

Super creative- I saw screenshots in the discord and came straight to this one.

It was worth playing just to get tossed by the elephant. Would love to see more levels!

Made me laugh a lot! There was definitely a first few tries of running around screaming trying to figure out what was going on