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Ive made a new game!

A simple endless very enjoyable Retro Styled Action RPG where the goal is to hunt spirit creatures for random points

Click with mouse to move
Space key to attack

Features rare drop 1000 points loot

Game runs good on basic computers and tested on linux with wine

The game is available to buy for small amount at

Here is a screenshot of the game!

yes i bet it takes a lot of effort making game this size..

3d modeling is challenging also i for example can only make simple low poly models

very nice creature design!

listened to the tune and really liked it very nice melody i make sometimes also tunes

Hi my os is Linux running Wine newest.

Eternal RPG (Retro Styled endless RPG)

javascript for game making because my fav game engine uses that.

php for webdesign

listened to your tune egipet

nice rpgish tune!

to bad and wine is not a emulator lol

i still support this game .. looks nice!

Neon (Progressive Endless Platformer)

really wanted to try this game but i will not start under my linux os with wine newest

hello i tryed your updated version (english version) and it lags terrible on my new laptop with 4mb ram really wanted to play this game

thanks for the feedback... yes its nessisery to back to restore health

Would really like some feedback on my game NEON a simple endless platformer with randomly generate platforms

like to you like the game,, or gfx , player model?

game website

game looks very nice .. are you the modeller also?

yes it works now... looks nice so high detailed interior model.. and it requires some decent computer to run well. because of that. it lags some on my computer,, the female model is also nice! does it run smooth on your computer?

you should have the game window mode in dynamic/resisable if its not, i think  thats best  then the game uses desktop screen resolution,, i have no clue though if thats the problem

thanks Alexanda! .. got this idea from playing a mmorpg

the game does not work on my laptop i got new laptop with 4 mb ram ;(

The Wizard (Retro First Person RPG)

Hi .. i updated the screenshot because of new features

(1 edit)

very enjoyable game, suggestion from me is to make the game page look better then the default theme

gdevelop is very nice for 2d games and apps ive made few games in it.

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i still use google drive for backup

Thanks Andgameplay! glad you like it got this idea from playing a mmorpg

pve for me or player versus computer to be precise