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I do. I can model and make a map and animate and build scenes, but can't code. I am working on a new game called Tanks n Planes, a game where you can either command a tank or fly a plane in a 32 vs 32 Battle kinda like WoT, but with simple graphics so anyone can play, and using generic models and vehicles.

Hello, I'm Calvin from Calva Software's Draconic Studios

I just started a project called Chosen Warrior. Its a game about a Prince who died 300 years ago, was reanimated by mistake, and must regain his past and save the world from a world ending happy cult that wishes to free an old Order of Elemental Titans that will take their vengeance on the Earth, destroy it, and help this cult make a new world in their own image. What's more, he only has 5 days to regain his past and stop them.

Other projects I am hoping to work on are Conquesta, an older style RTS game with new elements, SHADOW, an FPS game about the future of combat with new ways to play, Shopping Royale, a cutthroat shopping battle royale game, and a few others.

My server is open to the public, and its under the name Draconic Studios, and the Password to get in is DraconicStudios.

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(I couldn't find where to post this, so I put it here).
So guys, I found out that Craftstudio can make games for game console. The Atari VCS is Ubuntu based, which is the most common Linux distro right now. Craftstudio can release games for Ubuntu, and I talked to Elisee a while back (about 2 or so years), and he said to get controller support, you have to code it in to your game (not easy, but doable) because Craftstudio doesn't really come with that.

PS: Craftstudio has no active forums because they were hit with a bunch of spammers (starting to think the site got hacked cause someone would post a new topic or a reply and they got a lengthy reply in a foreign language, and it pretty much said the same thig and put in some stupid, unhelpful links).

can this engine support character customization (like either uploading a custom skin or even doing a full skyrim style customization)?

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Craftstudio is an engine on here, and their forums got wrecked a few years ago by a bunch of spammers. They don't have a community of their own anymore. It was abandoned.

PS: The page seems to be vacant. It is such a good engine, why did it die so early?

is craft studio capable of character customization (such as either uploading a custom skin or even choosing looks, clothing and proportions, even limb replacement)? Its for a few games I am developing.

How much does a game selling here make on average a month? (Steam has a difficult process and ridiculous fees to get a game on their site).

I forgot my password for Craftstudio, how do I get it back?

I am looking to do an OS with a GUI, not one that is purely text. I want to do something user friendly. I am also thinking about having it run on it's own Kernel cause there is hardly any executables for Linux flavors. I do 16 bit cause that's where Super Mario and Mario Kart, Sonic, DOOM and some very famous games looked good. The SNES classic is also the next console to come out, and it's 16 bit. That's kinda why I am doing 16 bit right now other than it's simplicity. I will include 32 bit support later on, but kinda sticking with this for now.

Does anyone here have OS experience? I am trying to write a 16 bit Gaming OS for the Raspberry Pi. I am right now writing an engine for it, but I am thinking about releasing the engine on this website when it's ready. Am I allowed to put an OS on this site, and if so, does anyone have any experience or referrals for software I can use to create the OS?