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Spellcaster's Forest is a weird mashup between bullet hells and games with magic based combat. The GIFs and images explain it best.

I made it for the 5th Alakajam with the theme "Spellcasting." I somehow managed to squeeze in 2 boss fights on top of the normal levels within the 48 hours given.

I don't think the ScoreSaber API (the interface with ScoreSaber itself) allows for those types of requests. All of the sorting options in the tool are what the ScoreSaber API allows me to do. You could download every ranked song by getting the total and entering that. The ScoreSaber API is missing documentation (or I can't find it) and I don't have a good way to find the total number of ranked songs using scripts. If I could, I could just make it work backwards from there.

Super Potato Bruh runs entirely on the CPU in a lot of cases. Although I’m a bit surprised that it couldn’t use your GTX 770. It’s able to make use of my GTX 1060.

The resolution the game is set to before fullscreening affects how things look and run. The highest resolution doesn’t always look the best for whatever reason, so I recommend messing around with it. You should be able to run it fullscreen if you set it to the lowest (or second lowest) resolution before fullscreening.

There is. It’s in the options.

I want to see grow and I've been selling my games to a decent amount of people who have never used the platform before. I would love to see a statistic that showed what percentage of users who bought (or downloaded) a game were first timers. :D

I wanted to make an Aseprite alternative that works more efficiently with my workflow. Px Editor is the result. :D

It includes things like animation, layers, and selection tools.

Check it out here:

That depends on other factors (like the source of your traffic).

The game jam’s theme was “Falling”, so it was meant to be the core of the game. A jam is where you make a game in a short amount of time and the tournament is where people compete for high scores in game jam games.

I use Pyinstaller for Linux, but I use cx_freeze for Windows. I’ve tried Pyinstaller on Mac, but it doesn’t work.

Spike Dungeon is a roguelite game in which you try to get as far down as you can. The dungeon is full of spikes, spiky enemies, and of course, you -- the spiky tortoise thing. Collect gold and buy items to help you get further down!

Play it here!

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The game was actually inspired by a bunch of random games. Then I noticed that it was basically Downwell. xD

It should work on Linux with Python 3 and Pygame. (Python 3 should come with Linux.)

Also, there should be a Linux version of the game if it is part of the next AKJ Tournament. (I think it’s December)

I was planning on a Mac version, but either the packaging tool or the OS is making it impossible. :(

That’s what this feedback thread is for. :P

There should be a screen = pygame.display.set_mode(blahblahblah,0, 32) early in the source code for Super Potato If you change the 0, 32 to pygame.FULLSCREEN, the game will run in fullscreen. I’ve already finished the update. I just haven’t released it yet.

I think can handle updates without messing up the save file. If you don’t have it installed on the client, you’ll have to download a fresh copy when it updates. It’s not hard to copy the save file over though.

The controls are going to be slightly updated in the next update. You can map up and jump separately. Also, for some reason, Pygame changes the mapping every few times for the same controller, so I can’t save mappings for it (or make defaults).

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Yes, I’m just waiting on them to approve my paperwork right now. People who buy it here will also get a free Steam key when it comes out.

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Not yet. I’m planning on it though.

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I actually used to have jump on Z or X on my old games. I don’t know how I managed to not think about that issue. 

Try unplugging it (leave it unplugged) and open the controller config again. If it says "controller not detected" or something along those lines, then it's a compatibility error. Otherwise, it means you have something else the game is mistaking for a controller connected. Unfortunately I don't have that controller, so I can't fix it if it's a compatibility error.

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There is no MacOS version. I’m assuming you’re using Wine or something. I actually had forgotten to add a note in game about this, but the “select key” is X. It also says so on the game’s page.

EDIT: Just saw your edit. xD

Yeah, I don't have a demo at the moment.

Super Potato Bruh is a Super Meat Boy style platformer combined with some bullet hell elements. There's also a very obvious "food related" theme. ^-^

Click here for Super Potato Bruh's game page!

Anyone who likes difficult platformers may be interested in Super Potato Bruh. There are a total of 5 worlds to play through at the moment and I could easily add more if people enjoy the game.

I'll help deal with any issues that may occur. Just post them here.

Please let me know what you think about Super Potato Bruh. I'm interested in any suggestions you may have! ^-^

Super Potato Bruh has officially been announced and I'm aiming to release on September 19th!

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Super Potato Bruh is a bullet hell platformer. It's heavily influenced by Super Mario Bros, Super Meat Boy, and Geometry Dash (due to the way levels are learned), although it's not influenced by a particular bullet hell. I'm hoping for a release next week and an announcement trailer on Saturday, but I'm a little bit behind on some stuff.

I've been getting some mixed opinions on the difficulty of the game.

Does this look fine or should I tone back the difficulty? (This is from the final level of World 3 out of 5)

For reference, here's the final level of World 2:

This game falls into a weird niche. The closest thing I can think of to a game in the niche would be I Wanna Be The Guy, but games are still drastically different.

I've still got a lot of work to do if I want to release next week. I haven't even started the SFX yet and I'm only 60% done with the level creation.

My click through rate starts off at ~3%, drops to ~1% during the download/view peak and goes back up to ~3.5% after a couple weeks (averages from 4 of my recent games). Is this a good CTR? What could I do to improve it? My account probably has around 500,000 impressions ( doesn't show it), and if I could get my CTR rate up it'd do a ton for me.

I'd also like to see other CTR rates so I can get an idea of how I'm doing. Thanks for any responses!

Just code. I used Python and Pygame. I also wrote the isometric code from the ground up during the jam.

Unzip the compiled version and run "Whirling Blades.exe".

I’m actually thinking about taking the core mechanics and adding something cool to it (a secret) but taking away the isometric part. I’m @DaFluffyPotato on twitter and you can follow me if you’re interested in a possible sequel.

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I actually fixed about everything you mentioned in the update that I should be releasing today. Excluding the music that is.


EDIT: I ended up sleeping for most of today, so I doubt I'll get it done on time. >.>

 You are a ninja who hates being looked at. Make sure nobody can stare at you while you try to get the lollipop!

Get it here. ^-^

The source code is available on the game's page if you want to take a look.

Lollipop Ninja was made in 48 hours for the 2nd Alakajam solo game development competition. The theme was "You can't see everything."'

Please tell me what you think!

Yeah, it's made with Pygame. You can look at the source if you want to. This was made for the Alakajam game jam, so it was made in 48 hours.

Check out the game I made for Ludum Dare #39 compo(in 48 hours) with the theme of "Running out of Power" called Precious Cargo! :D

You are on a flying island delivering a valuable crystal. On your way, you find that your power crystal is running low on power and you must steal power crystal shards from other airships.

Thanks for the comment. I've been trying to get comments for a long time. XD

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Please leave a comment and tell me what you think! :D

I made a game for Ludum Dare 36 that got extremely positive feedback(if you exclude people who didn't read instructions).

It's called Artifact Hunter. It is a bullet hell where you collect special artifacts that give you special powers. :P

I just wanted to know if anyone might be interested in it if I sell it later. I'm working on some updates to make the game way better. :D

Ludum Dare Entry:

Video(skip to 1:28 to see where it starts to get interesting):

When I say I'm updating it, I mean that I'm putting 5 to 10 times as much work as there is in that video.

So expect a lot more. XD

As the title says, I just want to know how many people would be interested in it.

(I'll probably setup a page and link it here soon!)