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Ahhh...the drive file! Let me fix it

I would love that feature, can't wait for the update!

vTuber Kit community · Created a new topic Male VTuber Kit?

Can we have male variant for this kit?

Graphic revamp, grammar errors and etc.
I'll ask with my team about your offer.

We've taking a roadblock and it will take some time.

My god! Chapter 7 is so heartwarming! Can't wait for the last 2 chapters! <3

The puzzle was made by my friend who wanted challenging puzzles so he adding that, but glad you solve it!

Koss?! Are you alright?! Koss?! Kossssssssssssssssssssss?!

Visual Novel Maker

I'm glad that you like it ^^

Yes please do!

It takes lots of hours to accuse one suspect!

Goddammit, B! Why all of your games are connected each other?

Overall...I like this game despite that I kinda hate when there's HP drain overtime.

I have no words...

It's too perfect...

Everything added to this game fills with challenges and interesting backstory.

First time I see the entry from Pixel Game Maker MV, I must say that the game is very polished. Good jokes and fun gameplay.

A pretty simple puzzling game, sometimes it makes me confuse because I'm kinda blind to see the environments. I've remember playing one your games before and I should say this is a good entry. Keep up the good work!

Can't wait to see that! Overall, you already doing great!

I have no this game was made by the first time someone just touching RPG Maker but I wanted to see if the devs getting improvements.

Tower Dungeon with some plot twist and backstory. Too bad that it's just a demo because I wanted to see more of this.

If you have low courage and sanity. Never play this game! If you do then you'll find this game looks interesting! The storyline is good, the game mechanic is good and the plot twist is very something! And be warned this game might cause sudden heart attack for scaredy cat like me :D

When cuteness ended up with tragedy! I wanted to see more of this! Please continue!

No items? No recovery after battle? I can't continue with such condition like that. Unless the player good enough in this game but for me, I'm just casual player.

I was hoping to make such ARPG games for myself but when I found this game, this is such a masterpiece. The control seems fine (I love spamming dodge everytime) and the story seems great when it's all about Sun and Moon. I wish to see another game like this :3

This game almost make me losing sanity and heart attack XD

This game almost make me losing sanity and heart attack XD


Don't let nintendo get ya!

Wow...I had stuck so many times till I have to "cheat" my way with your guide. This game looks horrificly good and can't wait to see your next game. :D

This is masterpiece~!

Thank you! <3

You need to get Research Note #6 and #7 in order to mix the chemicals

Thank you for your review. Glad you enjoy my game ^^

Thank you for your review! <3

Heya! Good job for utilizing Koikatsu studio for this Novel Sim, question to utilize cheat code?

Yeah, E for Sabotage and Q for kill

I already try that

Might a good idea for mobile players

Pretty sure this game become #1

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For those who interested to join but lack of time due didn't notice this jam? No worries, the jam has been extended for 4 days so you have another week to submit your entry, good luck! <3
Ps. For those who already submit it, you can update for the bugs and fixes.

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Need their sheets? I have provide it here.

For Miyumi Jam

Thank you, I appreciate your review <3