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Wonderful fluffy story, I had things pretty well sorted out by the Randorf scene regarding Cynthia, but the way things played out was still great, with good tension and timing, and Burn Ward Sponsor Maddie

She should send Lukas there again, I'm sure he'd love it
Oh and Miyu tots deserves some love, if nothing else, Maddie seems free :P Though she definitely seemed into everyone

Some real Kirby Squeak Squad inspirations here

Unfortunately I can't seem to figure out how to actually attack

Reminds me of Hacknet, good stuff, I always appreciate new takes on how a Roguelike can be tackled

the Retreat skill can move you into a wall, doing this while already in the wall can permanently lodge you in it

Your minesweeper numbers are fucked up, there was a bomb adjacent to a completely blank tile when I started the game

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Nice demo, though I think Emil's Shadow Binding needs a bit better duration, his combo needs a bit less end lag, I found it easier to just use 1 attack, wait, 1 attack so I didn't combo, and you need to get more sun for your time(I was playing at Noon with WeatherSync off and was only getting 2 bars) I know its winter and all but still, it shouldn't be that bad, I mean I can get a good 3 or 4 from reality on Boktai2 in goodish weather right now so it feels wrong

Also loved some of the secrets, David Iroquois Pliskin was my immediate giggle, and at some point I might dig around for more then just the few readable graves

Oh yeah and there's some issues with hitboxes lingering too long, namely sometimes pools of darkness will keep striking you even if you get knocked away, and mummy explosions hurting even when the graphic fades, speaking of mummies, in Boktai the state of burning can actually stack, increasing the damage with each flame on them