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hey nice work for a short jam! i also had issues with invisible collisions in the levels with the falling triangles and with the moving spikes. i think the progression of the levels is solid but the first level with the spikes is a little punishing with how the collision detection is for the spikes. just a personal thought but i might also add that playing this game without any context i might not have guessed it was for a jam about celebrating and promoting diversity haha.

Replied to J in 99Bugs jam comments

ALSO as someone else mentioned i loved how you used the scrolling code to tell a player what they code do (with the double jump) although i'll admit i saw timer in there but was a little unsure of where that was actually represented in the UI. if you ever revisited this game i think that would be one way it could be improved!

i really love how the UI and interactive space of the game blend together, especially with the difficulty tabs, play/pause, and overall code windows haha. this is a really clever concept and is really polished overall--really great work (especially if it is your first game :Oc)!! i'm not sure if it was intended but i did see a few bugs phasing out into some of the other panes :? not sure if it's a collision bug.

the graphics + lighting for this game are really lovely! i found the character plopping onto the bed at the end of every level really satisfying haha. i like the gradual introduction of harder elements like the moving clouds--you simplified the levels and then gradually ramped it up.

aww this was a really charming adventure!! i like the text effect with "nice work!" haha

whoaaa this game is soooo beautiful. your palette is really lovely + the music really fits the mood of the idle narrative. i love this little snapshot into this character's world-- we see everything through his observations, and it feels familiar and intimate. i can't wait to see more of your games!!

aaa cynthia! this game was soo relaxing and beautiful and i really love how it came out. i've already mentioned it before but i love this game as framing a small, idle (and relatable) narrative... i recently moved after graduating and it was kind of the feeling i had just wandering around my room figuring out what i was going to take and kind of just procrastinating by looking at all my stuff and thinking about it. i'm rly impressed by the visual style + colors :Oc it's just really harmonious (love the texture on the trees!!)

i'm not sure if you were planning to go further with this in the future but if you were thinking about it i'd love to see more done with the text... i feel like something gently animated or wobbly would fit with the aesthetic style/tone of the game. i think i may have also walked through the shelf by the computer haha. either way this is a really lovely vignette and i'm in love with this + really excited with how much you did this jam!! (raytracing yoo!!!) ;;u;;

Created a new topic Playtesting thread

Hey jammers!

This thread is a place to share your game and get feedback, especially on specific questions. Reply to posts with relevant feedback if possible, but in general this thread is to encourage you to play other people's games!

If you'd like feedback, please include:

Game url


I'd like feedback on

[Bulleted list, questions, or description of what you would like critique on. Can be "anything!" if you're not looking for anything specific]

I need help on

[Optional so remove if unnecessary, but if you have a specific problem or bug that you would like help or advice with solving]

Created a new topic Write a post-mortem!

Did you finish your game? Did you almost finish your game? Did you have Quite A Few Problems And Maybe Did Not Finish That Game? That's fine!

Write a post-mortem!

A post-mortem is an analysis of a project's process--what was successful and what was less successful? The purpose of a post-mortem is to understand what really worked for you or your team and what broke down. Did you struggle or get stuck on one mechanic? Did your team communicate well? Did your audio person have enough resources to work with?

You can write your post-mortem as a final post to your devlog (and we encourage it for consistency!) or you can post it as a separate thread with [Post-mortem] as a tag in the title.

Check out these post-mortems on Gamasutra for some inspiration (and maybe see if you can find your favorite titles!) Don't feel that you have to match the tone of these articles, though. Your post-mortem for the jam can be as formal or as informal as you'd like--all you really need to document is what workedand what didn't!

i actually didn't get to writing up a post on project management yet but i did write up something similar based on a lot of advice in this thread. it addresses scope!

ohhh this is a very interesting design challenge and i'll be honest i'm not sure i fully grasp it ahah?? i'm curious to see more of how this plays.

:Oc !! i can't wait to see your progress!!

omggg the sheep sprite is so cute!! it's neat to see you've got multiple maps also :Oc 

whoa nice job!! some screenshots would still be pretty cool to show people what they're getting into. part of devlogs + sharing wips on social media can be giving ppl peeks into what you're working on but also leaving some things hanging so that people are interested in trying it out.

ohhh those new sprites and animations definitely add a lot of life to the game environments!! this is looking really nice ;;

aaa so cute! i love these kinds of games honestly and the aesthetic of it so far is really great.

if you're ever unsure of what a function is doing, that's actually a perfect time to look up the documentation! i did a quick search here and found what your line define flash = Fade(.25, 0.0, .75, color="#fff") does:

Fade(out_time, hold_time, in_time, color="#000")

Returns a transition that takes out_time seconds to fade to a screen filled with color, holds at that screen for hold_time seconds, and then takes in_time to fade to then new screen.

and there you go! also, flipping character sprites in code is a common way to save memory. images can take up a lot of space, so being able to cut down on the number of images packaged in your game makes a smaller download and makes more efficient use of images already available!

hoooooooooooooooooooo boy didnt wanna be that guy but homestuck was probably over 2 years wasn't it?? haha

yeah this article always really stuck with me!! i've wanted to look at the source material it was discussing because it was such a vivid image for me.  i was really sucked into it.

omg... thank you haha. i actually didn't do that much art for the mobile game if you're referring to that but if you're talking about the woodsman thanks i appreciate it!!

yep haha documentation is actually Less Useful when you're starting out and starts to become more helpful after you've looked through tutorials or examples. i would say looking at other people's projects or tutorials is a better way to learn things and when you start to get a handle documentation becomes like a cookbook or a list of cool ingredients you can use for most customizable stuff!

whoa you've implemented a lot of mechanics so far! i like the style of your sprites. also haha it's cute how you've based your character on someone you know.

ohhh what are you using multiple cameras for? the classic point and click scenes? if you're having trouble with the mouse controller i would look into your default game mode and all of your controller defaults in there. i've definitely spent more time than i would like to know changing all these controller settings then realizing the controller that spawned in the game has diff settings (of course this might not be your problem but something to think about.) side scrolling can be tricky, but if you're interested in experimenting with some preset game modes there is a sidescrolling platformer default project that unreal has if you're interested in poking around in it. i think for a classic adventure game though first person can work. great job so far--again if you have any questions feel free to let me know!

whoa your opening menu is sooo lovely!! the visual effects are so fitting and really well done. also it's great to see the movement!

well actually one of the links uses a UV gradient atlas kind of solution--so you might have a couple gradients for your texture and then you place your UV shells on different parts of the gradient.

whoa nice work so far!! it's cool to see it's already interactive! i'm excited to see more ;;;

great work with the movement and collision already! it'd be cool to see some gifs of visual examples of your movement :Oc

oh boy honestly i feel like every time i start a new project i'm always like "how do raycasts work???? how do cursors work????? what's a camera???" so kudos to getting raycasts working!!

also i rly love your concept... i love games as portraits of specific feelings or offering contexts for something otherwise kind of transitory and i'd love to see more of it ;;; !! good luck cynthia!!

nic this looks AWESOME so far!! i love how you separated the foreground + background elements with value and how cohesive all your pixel art is. it's sooo nice. great work on getting movement and collisions also! since this game is a platformer i might suggest that you play with some of the platforming "feel". jumps are pretty core to platformers so it can make a lot of difference to make them feel right. i think when you get to the level design you can start tweaking it more but i would look at other platformers and try to figure out feels good about them. anyway great work!! i'm excited to see more of your game!

oh whoa nice! i actually don't think i've seen that many isometric games done for this jam and let alone in 3D so i'm interested in seeing more of this. it's cool that you're talking about how you solved some of the interesting problems so far with it re: movement.

whoa this looks sick! i like that you kept the trails on this--already it's got a pretty simple cohesive style for not a lot of complex assets. it'd be cool to see it in action!

ooo i'm curious about what is happening here. it'd be cool to see some animated gifs or screenshots!

ohhh i love the art so far! this is a really great game concept for a first jam. i'd love to see some gifs of the gameplay!

the concept of interacting with stuff between worlds to advance is really interesting and i'd love to see how its implemented. i'm not too familiar with webGL to offer any solutions so i wish you the best of luck :Oc !

whoa nice work with the prototype so far! even if you've done a similar game in the past i think revisiting concepts you've tried before allows you to do them more effectively and experiment with something you might not have been able to do before. i'm looking forward to seeing more progress!

whoa nice work already with the movement + raycasting!! it's also really good that you're keeping priority of tasks in mind--your overall goals include a lot of features but if you can figure out your most core/important ones these other ones will be great reach goals after the jam. keep up the great work!

yeah unfortunately renpy's documentation for its newer update isn't as detailed or finished as its older one. i do typically declare my own custom positions for sprites--but i guess you really could just redeclare the default ones to your liking. even if you've had a few difficulties this is really great progress and documentation of how you've solved problems!

aaaa your sprites are so charming!! i can't wait to see them in game!

holy shit i'm so into this concept??? i really can't wait to play this game. alsoooo yes............... unfortunately the newer twine doesn't seem to have as much support for some of the Cool Macros you can get in sugarcane. also ngl the first paragraph made me think of this one article i read a while ago on gamasutra, not sure if you would be interested. also also, not to be weird but i definitely remember reading your fic before and i love it.

omggg your palette is so lovely!!

whoa i really love the aesthetic of both of these characters so far. there's something very dreamy and interesting about the silhouettes and movement. i think the monochrome palette also really adds--i'm not sure if you've ever heard of the flash game "loved" but it kind of reminds me of that? anyway i'm excited to see more of this game!