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yeah i found the format rly digestible!

also sweet haha! honestly i like to tip cool itch projects but sometimes that isn't an easy option to set for html games so i thought i'd ask.

additionally, ik this game is free but do you have a ko-fi by any chance?

this has such incredible atmosphere... i love how this world starts to take shape and it feels so real and personal. i'm really into how the islands sense their presence + try to trick them... a lot of those descriptions were so vivid for me! also this sad doomed gay content was really great thank u i love it

Created a new topic Playtesting thread

Hey jammers!

This thread is a place to share your game and get feedback, especially on specific questions. Reply to posts with relevant feedback if possible, but in general this thread is to encourage you to play other people's games!

If you'd like feedback, please include:

Game url


I'd like feedback on

[Bulleted list, questions, or description of what you would like critique on. Can be "anything!" if you're not looking for anything specific]

I need help on

[Optional so remove if unnecessary, but if you have a specific problem or bug that you would like help or advice with solving]

Did you finish your game? Did you almost finish your game? Did you have Quite A Few Problems And Maybe Did Not Finish That Game? That's fine!

Write a post-mortem!

A post-mortem is an analysis of a project's process--what was successful and what was less successful? The purpose of a post-mortem is to understand what really worked for you or your team and what broke down. Did you struggle or get stuck on one mechanic? Did your team communicate well? Did your audio person have enough resources to work with?

You can write your post-mortem as a final post to your devlog (and we encourage it for consistency!) or you can post it as a separate thread with [Post-mortem] as a tag in the title.

Check out these post-mortems on Gamasutra for some inspiration (and maybe see if you can find your favorite titles!) Don't feel that you have to match the tone of these articles, though. Your post-mortem for the jam can be as formal or as informal as you'd like--all you really need to document is what worked and what didn't!

yep no that totally makes sense! it's dealing a lot with with some risk and reward

you're totally allowed to update your submission after you submit--even after the jam ends! we honestly encourage people to do this because getting feedback is a pretty important part of the dev process.

good luck in your new semester! also it's totally normal to not be able to work every day on your game--it's definitely nothing to feel guilty about! good luck with your modeling--i'm excited to see where this goes.

haha understandable! i think a good goal for the next few days would to be to find a good place to cut the demo or introduction arc--generally we encourage people to learn as much as they can in the two weeks and then post-jam take the time to refine or focus on their content. i think with narrative heavy/RPG games especially a good skill is knowing how to close things out even if you're not quite satisfied with them. learning to see where you can compromise and settle for scope is an important skill for finishing games!

ohhh i like your visual touches--the coin animation in particular i think adds some really satisfying feedback. the underground shader is also pretty neat!

oooo i like that the track gets permanently harder with each lap. these art assets look absolutely incredible also!!

aaa it sounds like you've got a lot design concepts hammered out!! it's really cool seeing these concepts in doodles ;;; they're really charming omg

LOVING this big boy. i love the bat sprite a lot... i know it's overdone to say this but this sprite + the screen reminds me of earthbound. it's so cute and campy!

also huh i'm curious to see if your string as a target setup will work also--that is kind of interesting as a setup.

aaa this looks great!! nice job kicking out the enemies so quickly :Oc !!

ahhh the premise of this game is really cool. i have a friend who is working on a game with a similar setting, actually--it's very different mechanically but i thought you might be interested. magic realism in IF and VN games is honestly sooo good, and i'm already sucked in by the world you've described. i'm curious to see more :Oc !!

aaa this is very beautiful! i love the cover art. the flavor text is also really lovely... "Slight clicking noises emit from underneath the tiles." in particular has such a specific creepy mood to it--it really drew me in. great stuff! i'm excited about this!!

ohhhh this is a really neat concept. we always get one or two analog games per jam and they're always very unique--this is no exception! i'm really interested in some of these character traits--i thought the stealthy/interactive dichotomy was very interesting. i think your discussion of the game's win state and the player goals is very interesting. i think with a premise like this there's a lot of potential for role-playing and narrative, and i feel like emphasizing that over win states is a great way to embrace the tabletop format of the game. i think getting your players engaged in a narrative makes for fun table-top game interactions. really cool stuff!

hey red!! awesome work on your model and rig!! it's honestly incredible that you've managed to kick out a whole model, rig, and walk cycle in less than a week :Oc !!! man i remember it took me a whole semester to do that when i was in school haha. the videos look really cool--i  agree with everyone else the lighting is really selling the atmosphere of this game for me. great work!

hey awesome progress so far!! i honestly love these overworld maps... they feel so fantastical. i am curious to hear more about your game's story and design--i think it's fair to want to withhold some surprises but pitching your game can be important for getting your game out and sharing it. maybe there's some hook or interesting premise that you could share? either way great work!

hey miguel! this is a really well scoped-game--you've got a very easy to pick up game concept and it's awesome you're already adding content like extra levels and are planning for mobile controls. great work so far--if you get the chance to record a gif or video it'd be cool to see it in action!

these animations look really lovely!! great work with the mechanics so far :Oc !! it's awesome that you already have the core gameplay loop

aaa this is honestly sooo haunting!! i'm honestly getting chills watching this recording play over...

really cool stuff!

Posted in [DevLog] O+

whoa i agree with the other comment--it's actually pretty cool seeing how you're combining diff mechanics in this puzzle game and it definitely helped me to see the gif in action. i really like the framing of this as a programming language--it's kind of campy and really fun and i think presents a lot of interesting potential.

as a quick note i wanted to mention: the bright green bgs/sprites are a little harsh to look at for more than a few minutes--maybe even inverting this w/ black bg/green text might be easier on the eyes? (and even look pretty cool: like code or something) as a prototype, visuals aren't the most important, but i think it'd be worth experimenting with different colors.

aww no worries! life happens :9 it's awesome that you could join us and give it a shot while you had the opportunity! in game dev all of the prototypes and work you've done adds up and makes your next project ever so slightly easier. i really hope you can join us for next jam and thanks again for being a part of the community!

great work on debugging and knocking out your cutscenes! honestly RPGMaker + vn + text games can be kind of tough for this jam because they're mostly content heavy. while you might not spend a lot of time hammering out mechanics you'll definitely feel the grind in creating assets, maps, dialogue, etc. i'm also not a huge fan of random encounters either--i'd be curious if you had a different solution or decided to go with it because it's easiest/most familiar. either way, awesome progress!

aaa honestly these sprites are really cute and charming!! i think your colors definitely really tie it together. the title screen looks so nice and totally pulls together your game so far. it's awesome that you've gotten the platforming mechanics down already :Oc !! looking forward to seeing more of this

HELLO !!! SHE IS MY FAVORITE thank u for catering to my needs. i'm disappointed that there is still no dog in this thread but i'll forgive you because this is really coming along. i'd love to see a gif or video of your cooking mini-game so far in action!! also also: it's actually really neat to see you guys making your own foley :Oc 

OHHH WOW!???? i love these visuals--they're sooo charming and have so much of that fun campy aesthetic of being a doodle on a page. i'm especially digging that death doodle aaa!!! all of this is so cute *___* !! also it's neat that you've randomized something like the death screen--i feel like that's a sometimes overlooked aspect of design that benefits from variety. great work so far i'm so excited to see more!!

also pst you can post new replies to the thread--it helps keep your devlog in chronological order (i actually realized i was reading your devlog backwards because it was written bottom to top........) and it bumps it to the front page so people can see it :9

hey nice work so far! sometimes people can really get stuck on figuring out placeholder assets and it can definitely take a bit of digging to find the assets that are fitting for your project. it's awesome that you've already gotten your state machine worked out :Oc !! looking forward to seeing more... i'm guessing you'll be adding enemies?

gotcha! just wanted to throw that out there in case players ended up in a game with random numbers haha. looking forward to seeing more!

ohhhh this is a really neat premise! great work on scoping this game and really hashing out your mechanics so far :Oc !! it's honestly so cool to read about your progress in this devlog over the past few days. the visual direction you've taken is also very easy to read--kudos to that!

i really enjoyed reading your thoughts on narrative and the player choice in context of a game about a college student. i personally can relate to a lot of the situations written here already so i think you have a great premise to start with. some of your thoughts reminded me that i honestly really love messing around with twine because it always feels like experimenting and figuring things out--it's honestly less daunting than writing in a word document. i'm really glad you're focusing on making the game for yourself and enjoying the process. i enjoy playing games that i know people poured a lot of thought and care into or see themselves in. i'm in love with your devlog and discussion process in relation to this game but also game development in general. i think a lot of people when starting out have this notion that they need to create games that have been done before rather than thinking about what they personally want out of games or want to explore with development.

there's a gamasutra article i refer people to when they start talking or thinking about game design + narrative and how to evoke emotion: https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/BobbyLockhart/20161004/282611/Emotion_in_SingleP...

what it mainly comes down to is this: certain emotions are tied to decision-making, namely things like pride, shame, accomplishment, guilt. these are what games often act best on over movies or books because the player often experiences the consequences of their decisions. i think what games also uniquely offer over media is the potential to be very intimate or confrontational, especially in games where you're reading narrative or dialogue especially. if you haven't already, i think it'd be interesting to hear your thoughts on including interactions or dialogue with other characters--or, conversely (and this would be also good as a conscious decision), deciding not to include any literal dialogue (potentially to make the player feel more isolated?). anyway, this got rambly but hopefully this offers more jumping-off points for your game's design process. great work so far and i'm looking forward to more!

yep totally!! animations + polish can come later/post jam. also my philosophy is that you should always have something eye catching (esp gifs) when you're posting devlogs or to twitter. it's Good Marketing but also it makes the content more accessible and engaging--you might notice a lot of indies post stuff like this and often to keep attention :9

hey! this is really starting to shape up. i love how thorough and thoughtful your design is. the auto-scrolling log is also a great idea and it's cool to see options for clearing/minimizing it! blue UI + icons for the weapons is also a very RPG touch. i am also a little curious to see what you'll do with the narrative--i think one of the more fun parts about RPGs for me is making decisions and playing as a certain type of character--so maybe the player could decide how to interact with the farmer in some way that could affect resources or something? either way great work so far!!

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construct 2 was one of my first engines!! it's honestly such a blast and so easy to start prototyping and kicking out games. the premise of this game is really fun--i love when games combine familiar designs into something refreshing. i'm really digging this!

also--really great work on your mechanics so far. it's awesome to see you've got a pretty solid prototype foundation. the track pieces as screens is also really neat :Oc !! i feel like you could totally add some cool transition animations for polish. good work so far and i'm really interested in seeing more!

also also--iirc i think you should be able to post gifs directly into the post without needing to click? (even gifvs!)

this concept is really lovely and calming! this is definitely a game that i would want to pick up for myself and lose myself in. i'm not sure if you've played any of pol clarissou's games but the visual aesthetic + concept reminds me of some of his work--if you get the chance to check out "orchids to dusk" it's a really lovely experience. you've documented your process really well and it's great to see videos of your movement progress so far :Oc !! i'm curious to see it from the fp view when you refine it!

i'm really into this game's premise--i feel like there's a lot of potential to have some really emotionally connecting moments for a player. not sure how much of a story you have so far but it would be interesting if there was some element of choice in this narrative, especially as an RPG.

i also agree the village and interior map look really great so far! for the night part of the village--if you're able to import + export tilesets what i would do is export the tileset, add a dark blue overlay in photoshop, and import it separately.

this is a really cool menu!! honestly placeholder meshes + UI are totally cool for prototyping. not sure if this is intentional but with this setup it seems like players can choose random numbers? ie player 4 and 2 though it seems like games typically will auto add 1 then 2 etc. either way it's a really great menu prototype!

OHHHHH SPACE?? VISUAL NOVEL? RESTAURANT SIM?? i'm so into this. i'm not sure if you've played the bartending sim but this kind of makes me think of that. also the pixel bgs you have so far are so charming! this earth kiddo looks really great so far... i'm actually really in love with the hair with bird nesting haha. i'm curious to see what kind of mini-game you go with!