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hey! i tried to download this game (both on itch app and the general zip) but got some error for both. is it hosted on another site? and is there an executable marked for the itch app to launch?

oh wow the dialogue workaround is really smart! and honestly "having invisible ___ in the scene" is a actually a pretty common hack. also these backgrounds are gorgeous!! its so exciting to see this in the home stretch!

honestly getting the working title screen is a HUGE step in your first game. congrats on all your progress so far!!

ui is deceptively a lot of work!! and it's coo that youre thinking about consolidating + simplifying some mechanics. this is sooo gorgeous i'm so excited to see more!!

congrats on your variables!!!

yeah i think daily blog posts are a great way to keep yourself accountable. i'd love to see some visuals in this thread!

aww i'm sorry to hear about your dog--it's really touching and i'm so glad you can honor him in a game.

its totally cool to make placeholder or much simpler assets for a first pass!

the foliage sprite is gorgeous!

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i have a small, slightly unfortunate update:

i've had some pain flare ups in my arms this whole past week (most likely from typing a lot at work and typing a whole lot more when i got home... haha) so i'll probably be unable to finish the game. i may submit a rough twine draft but i'll be focusing on recovering probably for the next few weeks which means i wont be able to keep up as much with all your devlogs...! i apologize ): i like to be on top of those because they're so interesting and i really dig what i see. best of luck everyone!

yeah i loved maleficent's "twist"!! i honestly would love to do a take in that way as well but i wanted to be a lot more honest with "wlw version of on this tale" w the romantic interest at its core. also that's really neat!

wow these assets look very polished already! id love to see where you're at now!

THANK U LYS!!! i hope i can deliver hsdjf

hfsdjkfkslfhjkl sleeby beauty besbians

haha i hope in a good way

oh yeah lieve oma did it well for sure!! in aurelia you drive some people around but there's options to have conversation with them. it kind of lacked some polish but the concept was really novel to me.

omg..... i love this allergy mechanic

not sure if you got the translucency figured out but this might be useful:

i think alpha should be available on the standard material? good luck with the win logic

oh nice! i can't wait to see the sprites

"I get why some aspiring game devs just want to be idea guys." hahaha... it is true. also wow this is graph is such a great idea for getting down all the game steps. it's so clear and well thought out :O !!!

sweet! glad it could be helpful

sweet. i think it's cute that you're hitting both "retro mechanic + expression of love"--tho, i'm not sure it's that retro of a mechanic since games like harvest moon, stardew valley, and persona all operate on "insert items to date girl" haha. i think there are definitely ways to spin it into something more interesting.

haha i love when you first write code and it does stuff like that and you're like "god i have to record this". this looks great!!

awww so cute!! i love this little star blush

i was hoping this devlog would update (+ with art...!!!) bc i've been so excited about it and i was not disappointed. this storefront is so cute!! i love the dithering... the colors are so pleasing. also great work with gm coding as well--can't wait to see how it works in game.

ok it's valid that you don't feel like calling yourself an artist but i just want to say this art is incredible and you should totally rethink that one. also great work on the click + pathfinding already omg :OOO !!!

aaaa i cant believe that i missed the logo was in the ff style... as soon as i read it i totally saw it. also renpy is a solid choice--esp for jam!

omg hey leyla! this art is sooo nice omg i'm so excited to see this. i'm also....... doing most of my stuff in evenings and trying to write where i can so this is a mood. also thank u for sharing this rly info holy hell.

wow this post is really detailed and helpful! i actually didn't know this about the dialogue systems (+ i like that you labeled them w the studios they were associated with) in AGS so this is really interesting. 

yeah it'd require some coding chops for sure, but it could be something to pick at after you get a prototype with the main path locked down and running in AGS!

aww these characters are so cute! also i love dating sims that are done in rpgmaker + games other than vns... theyre always really interesting to me haha

haha that means a lot thank you so much!!

oh hell yeah i love gay stories with Weird Forest Hauntings. i cant wait to see this!

oh wow i adore this concept so much. ive really loved games that think about idleness and presence are really interesting, and i think travel is one of the best spaces to design games like this. i love the idea of creating conversation and being able to pick things up too... this is really cool! not exactly pathfinding related but have you ever played wheels of aurelia? that reminds me a bit of the dialogue you described.

wow this art is so beautiful!! and i really like seeing unique design takes on third party/matchmaker-esque games where you're only indirectly involved with couples. looking forward to seeing more of this!!

awww i love these sketches so much and this idea is so wholesome! also this is really great so progress so far omg. the theme is also really cute ;;v;; great work!!

haha this summary has me on the edge of my seat. what will these kids get up to!!

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hey i'm j! my pitch for this game is pretty simple:

if you can't read my awful handwriting: the game will be a wlw retelling of sleeping beauty. by retelling i mean kind of generously throwing out 90% of the story and actually it's more like a fanfic, but i don't really want to spoil too much of it.

this past year is the 60th anniversary disney's sleeping beauty movie, and it's actually one of my favorite fairytales.......... though not exactly for the disney story. as a tween i read a feminist (slightly.... gay?) retelling and it's kind of lowkey one of my favorite stories since, so i'm excited to do my own take on it. also if i'm gonna be honest the movies aesthetics slap.

it turns out there is nothing else for me to learn about games i do a little bit of game development for my day job so i'm actually looking forward to instead learning how to make combination comics + text stories and presenting them in twine.

anyway good luck with your jam games! i'm excited by a lot of games i've seen so far on the discord and on the community and i'm excited to work on a project this round.