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this was a very sweet LP! thank you for sharing ;;v;;/

The exit poll is right here! Let us know what worked for you and what we could do better!

whoa this character is awesome!! it's a lot of work making player sprites and even more cool that you were able to do a transformation. cool stuff!

these are VERY GOOD crabs!!

3D is definitely very challenging!! even getting assets to move in a Unity scene is honestly an accomplishment to be proud of in a two week jam about learning!

that is a sweaty friend!!! great work getting UI in. it's awesome you were able to implement stuff like pause menus and etc as well... that's some serious polish!

ahhh i love that you've put a tutorial into your environment! it's sometimes hard to think of those things when youre juggling gameplay programming, design, art, etc. so it's really awesome to see you putting that in!

hey awesome progress so far! we put up the playtesting thread early this jam because a lot of people in previous jams admitted the submission process was confusing and they wish they would've known that they could've started it earlier. it's great to hear that you were able to become familiar with it and are thinking about how you'll be presenting your game!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god. oh my god this is the best concept and game ive ever seen. i hope you submit this because ITS REALLY GOOD!!!

aaa this is a great execution of a simple concept!! i love how legible the game is--everything's easy to understand from a glance.

whoa your first 3D game? this rig looks great! awesome job putting this together!

yooo this looks great! i can definitely see this as an addicting mobile game. keep up the good work.

aaa nice work on your core loop!! i love the visuals and how concise and straightforward your updates have been. that fire + the lighting around it is looking sweet :0

aaa omg fantastic job implementing all these mechanics! having the hurt sprite definitely adds a lot to sell your player's state and add a lot of feedback to the game. these sprites look so good!!

aaaa this art is soooo beautiful im in love with the character designs and all of the environments ;;o;; it's awesome you were already able to get a playable prototype as well! god im so excited for this

wow nice job on getting functionality down early! i also agree with keeping assets and visual designs simple (at least for the scope of the jam!) i think topdown for everything would be easiest to read. i also like the revamped UI--it looks very legible having all the info in one place.

whoa i like that you already have a functional and descriptive UI--the icons remind me a lot of classic point and click games with their detail. id love to see the different spells in action!

unfortunately i don't know too much about godot and the way it handles sprites/collisions but you might be able to ask on the discord (or even godot's community if it has one). this is really awesome progress so far--it's great that so early on you've got the full game cycle from start to game over and including an updating HUD as well!

nice progress so far! do you have any gifs or recordings of the game being played?

aww these are sooo cute!! i love the designs and backgrounds behind them. i've loved a lot of the art that ive seen of this so far on the discord as well! i know there was some difficulty mention earlier--how has the progress on the game been?

sweet! do you have any screenshots to share of the game's progress?

oh wow i love this UI--it feels very 90s and almost fallout-like. it's cool seeing a functional water mini game as well!!

oh wow i love everything about this aesthetic + setting!! we know the devil is one of my favorite games... if you have any screenshots or progress to share i'd love to see more of this!

an endless runner is a solid design for a game to be scoped in two weeks--do you have any updates to share?

oh my god im dying your chatlog snippet is literally my friendgroup.......... hahah what the heck im so excited for this!!! the art looks incredible so far i can't wait to see the game in-engine!!

ahhh i just wanna say it's really awesome that you have a gif of your game's functionality for every post! along with your descriptions it makes your posts and progress a lot easier to follow because some of the descriptions are a bit hard to visualize on their own. the concept of the weighted dice is really interesting--typically i would think of having different thresholds for success but it definitely feels more like an attribute or skill to have different "tiers" for the dice.

i just want to say too it's pretty interesting that youve decided to do a board game styled game digitally--i know quite a few jammers tend to have trouble because they aren't artistically inclined so i think designing a board game but learning something new about programming or dev is a really novel solution!

hahaha i know ive run into problems where i know that sprite fonts would definitely solve a lot of my problems but im always reluctant to use them because usually it would mean i'd have to do make myself with a font i like. nice job in figuring out the text problem early on! also the fire and water sprites look awesome :0 !!

i also wanted to say i really like this game concept--i like that there's kind of a built in narrative with the game's design here.

ahhh i love when game levels incorporate text into the environment that you read/advance by moving past--i think it's especially cool when you don't have a ton of environment features and the text can be used to ground a player.

i'm not sure what i would recommend for movement but the two dimensions seems to work fine--though id be curious how you'd set up interactive npcs in a way that's interesting and not just in a line (which could also work, but maybe you could have them above or below the character... or maybe there's a curve the player can follow ((also yes curves can be tricky and overscoped but just tossing that out there))). there's some cool problems here and i'm excited to see how you tackle them!

huh the inverted controls re: the oil slick is a really interesting solution! i'm like floored by how well your progress is documented--reading up on how you cheat with collisions and different movements is very interesting and especially when you don't initially find a result you want.

aaaa i'm glad you were able to post some images of the progress! it's awesome to see your comparison of placeholder and current version. i'm excited too to see what it'll look like with color and lighting.

i think there are some books out there on puzzle design... i can't think of articles off the top of my head but that might be a good search for the gdc youtube channel or gamasutra!

aaaa these sprites are soooo cute and your game premise is really charming! i'm excited to see how this game plays!

wow your animations are gorgeous!! i cant believe ive missed this devlog--youve got so much awesome stuff happening here. i love that you matched the palette of the tileset with your sprites. great work on the slime movement and the weapons :0c god i can't get over that lightning. keep up the awesome work!!!

ohhh no ): !! im glad you were able to retrieve some of your work at least! we've been meaning to put together some version control resources bc it's definitely a little tricky to pick up!

aaahh im glad you were able to figure out the player position problem with help! those issues can be really hard to debug. also scrapping things + trying something else is totally understandable and it's great to make those decisions early so you can spend more time focusing on what you think will be better for the game! if anything you now have even more experience in case you use that in the future.

ahh these palettes are so lovely! i also really liked seeing the update to swimboy as well--it was a little hard to read the arms in the first iteration. also unrelated but ski towns in the summer can be really cool--esp if there's gondolas/lifts in service. mountain biking can be really fun!

ohhh nice!! i love your palettes already! and i love how this looks like a playable mockup already. i'm curious to see what you get in-engine!

oh yeah that sounds like a challenge as well! i'm guessing you'll want some persistent variables to check if that has happened.

haha that's the idea! even two weeks can sometimes stretch the attention space for some people so it's a hard balance to strike. hopefully you've gotten the chance to take a look at other games on the community--i think there's quite a bit of inspiration for some concepts, and you can always take a look at past jams to get an idea of the kind of game/scope that's appropriate for the jam.

ahhh i love how expressive these sketches are already! the two handed movement is actually really interesting--i really like how that's set up but i couldn't quite get a handle on the movement to do exactly what i wanted it to. it's pretty cool so far though so i'd love to see how you develop it + the tutorial for it.

oh nice! so you're working with a voxel art style? i like how legible the ships are already.