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Good job in trying to make a storydriven game! It needs some polish (those guys are still trapped after you reenter the room etc.)

I really wanted to play this game, but I don't see any main menu (?) :/
Just title screen.

Yeah. I wanted to do that. That would be an OSU! like game, however time wasn't on my side. Thanks!

Thanks for you opinion :) If anyone else couldn't find indicator of lives left: circles in the middle show that.

Really reminds me of SuperHot. Well done! :)

Nice game, I would add move animations and made player a bit smaller. Also jumps and movement is too slippery in my opinion.

I like base idea of a mechanic, but needs some polish.

I don't know.

After 3rd boss I can't take any power-ups to progress the game. Also it is too easy in my opinion.

Crashes when I press play.

My brain felt weird playing this! Good job :)

Wholesome game. Art and animations are cool. And my speedrunning levels wasn't the greatest idea ;(( 
Nice work!

Fun game! Somewhat hard, but maybe it's just my fault :P

Hidden gem. If someone told me that this game is trending on Google Play, I would trust him.

I'm sorry, but you are not correct. You can rewind vinyl disc to dodge bullets.

Ah yes, very good game! :)

Had fun with this game and I like the idea of a rift gun.

No idea what to do, I wanted to pick up a box in the first level but even when I press correct key nothing happens :/ Looks cool thou

This looks so cool :)

Resolution is too small and jumping in my opinion is not intuitive (I felt like game was doing something agains my will)

Had no idea about RMB doing execution. Player avatar and executions are too slow and makes game hard and less fun in my opinion.

I really like the idea, but one thing that I would change: beans should be smaller and/or transparent.

Yep, not explaining controls was my mistake.

This is one of my favourite games in this jam. Needs some polish but nevertheless great job!

Very nice and orginal idea. I like the game!

I like everything about this game. Art, music, gameplay. Nice job!

Impressive game for a 48h jam!

Nice, but levels need to be more diverse.

Very fun game!

This game is really good. Art style is lit, catchy audio and very cool mechanics for a tower defense.

I really like the art style!

Thanks for a great suggestion! I'll change it in the next patch.

I love the art style.

It is hard, but very satisfying.

damn, I love the idea much, but my notebook is too heavy to play this game :(

Add NPCs and it will be a horror game for agoraphobic people.

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  • map generating and loading existing maps(yeah, that UK is actually loaded),
  • basic card system, drafting and resources
  • some graphics effect

To do:

  • AI players
  • menu
  • content!