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Excellent game, looks great, plays well, great application of theme. Was gem spawning in the first room supposed to be infinite though?

Good fun, and very well executed (thanks for sharing your source BTW, it's very useful)

Could do with some kind of feedback when you get hit though, like the screen flashing or something.

Love love love this game! So clever, and very fun. Awesome work :)

I thought I had, but turned out I hadn't :(

Still, all done now :)

Awesome game, played all the way through. A great interpretation of the theme :D

Awesome game, played all the way through.

Loving the concept, and the sounds and graphics are great. Only issue I've encountered is the random removal of tiles sometimes making the boat inaccessible almost immediately.

Can I ask what size you'd recommend for the embed window?

Awesome, I'll look into that now, thank you :)

To be able to scale to fit any screen size, my game uses the setup shown here (scaling for a single page) :

It works perfectly if I just run it in browser from Game Maker, or from here:

But where it's uploaded to itch ( it doesn't.

The game was built in Game Maker 1.5, I'm using Chrome,  I've tested it on several devices.

Good point, I use a Kanban board plugin in Slack called Workstreams to manage my to-do

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Hi all,

I'm pretty new to game dev, but I've done a fair bit of dev work  in general. I wanted to share two things that have become an integral part of my workflow, in the hope it'll help some of you all.


Git is a free source control platform. Source control is the process of making changes to your project in an isolated way, so you can roll it back if there are any problems,  (it's also a great way to make everything available to your team if you have one.)

Git can be pretty intimidating, but you really only need to know the basics.

This awesome guide should tell you everything you need to know:

I use local Git via Bash, and maintain a design brief on the Git Hub repository. Every time I start a new feature, I create a new branch, merging it back in only once it's complete.

Pomodoro Time!

Pomodoro is a super effective time management practice. It's based on the idea that the longer we work on something, the more unfocused we get. You decide on a task you'd like to work on, then set a timer for 25 minutes. Take a five minute break at the end of the 25 minute session, then start again, taking a longer break after 3 or 4 sessions.

It's amazing how effective this technique is, and as an added bonus, the five minute breaks are great for clearing your head when you've been dealing with a stuborn bug (often solving it as a result!) I use an excellent and very flexible pomodoro timer app on my phone called Brain Focus.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions, and good luck with the Jam :)

Perfect, thanks both :) 

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At the moment I'm mainly designing for HTML5. Is There a preferred platform for our games?