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Nice. Interesting use of runes as well.

I like it. I also finally finished Cave Story recently, so it's good timing as well.

Awesome game/demo! As always, þe demo feels like a full version in its own right.

Nice. Þe atmosphere is perfect.

Finally got around to playing þis. Definitely one of þe best short games I've played in a while.

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There's no Linux build... The Linux archive has the Windows version.

1.0.6 still works fine, though.

Edit: The Windows version seems to work fine under Wine, at least.


I like it. It reminds me of early indie games from þe 2000's.

Just a heads up, the Windows and Linux releases are mislabelled. The Linux link downloads the Windows version, and vice versa.

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I know it's late, but...

The cursor and the counter don't show up. The counter only shows up at the end of the game, and vg fubjf fvkgl guerr engure guna friragl gjb, fb znlor vg'f fybjre?

A worse issue is that the mouse is extremely sensitive, and often simply moving the mouse a bit can send it into an uncontrollable frenzy that five seconds later leads to everything blanking out ( I can still access the menu, though ). It happens when running the Windows version with Wine as well. I think it's a lack of delta time in the mouse code.

All that said, it's a pretty good game.


09/04/22: New computer, Manjaro, Nvidia GPU, no more mouse issues. I was using my Intel GPU laptop before. Maybe it's an Intel issue? The cursor/counter still won't show up, though.

There are severe performance spikes on Debian 10, and the game crashes after a certain time. The same thing happens running the Windows version through Wine.

I watched someone else's playthrough on here though, and it's pretty good.

Spot on!

My favourite character is HumanistGamer69.


Any chance of porting this to HTML? I really liked this game.

On Linux, the "final" game crashes after completing the first level.

Error log

Xrrc pyvpxvat ba gur oybo. ( use rot13 to decode )

I didn't finish it, but I like it. The control scheme is pretty cool, and I like the sound design (I wish it were a bit louder, though). It's pretty good.

The amazing trailer alone makes this one of the best entries of the jam.

"Platformer Test.exe" lol

Good use of random generation, too!

I got up to the rocky area and couldn't go further, because there was no teleporter to the next level (that, or it malfunctioned). That said, I like the music.

I like it! My favourite parts are the hidden jokes, and the soundtrack (one of the best in this jam!).

Awesome! My favourite part of this game is going backwards.

The sound wouldn't play on Wine, so I couldn't get the voice acting. Other than that, it was pretty good while it lasted. I like the DLC jokes in particular.

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It's funny, and not too frustrating. I also like how previous areas are always set on fire, just because. Good Job!

It's pretty good. The music also reminds me of thecatamites's 50 Short Games.

This is probably my favourite so far! It really captures the spirit of the jam. I like how weird it is, and the way it always ends with the boulder endlessly flying all over the place. I found the actual goal in the description, but I like this ending better. I also like how the music supplements all the craziness going on. Well done!

Thanks, and "You're Winner !" is indeed the "good" ending.

Well, that's a surprise!

To be honest, I kinda like the sounds here. They give off a vaguely dada vibe.

You've really taken Impossible to a whole new level; there's no way to even play this game!


I like it. You've taken the SHMUP genre, and reduced it to its best parts.

My favourite part about this game is the art direction, and the awkward feeling when the music resets. Good spin on Flappy Bird, too.

I love how many secrets there are in this game. I like the music, too.

I got to the end!!!

My favourite part is the giant creatures that came out of nowhere.

Neat concept! I wish it was longer.

At first I thought you couldn't change direction while moving, which made the third level nearly impossible until I realised you could.