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this is the options file

Why don't you update this?

Still have the problem after 0.7.0. All I do is boot up the game and open a new map and I can't place anything. Online maps don't work either. Don't know if I should change some settings around or what. I don't have another machine to try this on, though

Can you be able to configure so it searches questionable pictures as well as explicit? Sometimes there's not enough pictures here's the log file. I'm trying to load online maps, but even with the latest updated it still doesn't work even when starting a new map, I still can't place blocks

I've tried reinstalling the game, but whenever I try to load a map it changes the background but nothing shows up and the menu stays there. This hasn't happened before the update but if I make a new map I can't place any blocks and there's just a blue block sitting there in the middle sometimes. How do I fix this?