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A member registered Apr 19, 2017

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this is the options file

Why don't you update this?

Still have the problem after 0.7.0. All I do is boot up the game and open a new map and I can't place anything. Online maps don't work either. Don't know if I should change some settings around or what. I don't have another machine to try this on, though

Can you be able to configure so it searches questionable pictures as well as explicit? Sometimes there's not enough pictures

https://hastebin.com/wupobaqode.sql here's the log file. I'm trying to load online maps, but even with the latest updated it still doesn't work even when starting a new map, I still can't place blocks

I've tried reinstalling the game, but whenever I try to load a map it changes the background but nothing shows up and the menu stays there. This hasn't happened before the update but if I make a new map I can't place any blocks and there's just a blue block sitting there in the middle sometimes. How do I fix this?