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It's so much more fun and better now. I also managed to figure out what extension was causing some issues with selecting new weather. I really like the improvements and chaining together weather effects.

The graphics and concept is cute and I love the popping noises when the red souls are defeated. I do think the tutorial is too long for the simple concept (while stylish) and the water refill is a little unbalance as it fills too slow. The art and music choice is nice though :D

Perhaps in the future, tutorials can be skipped (or have the dialogue skip) if the player inputs an action.

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Graphics and concept is cute and the idea of having to memorize who goes where is challenging and fun even with only two inputs. Lack of sound and visual feedback does make the game feel a little dry but I do enjoy it. I love the artstyle too.

The game is gets really challenging but I love how it starts off and introduces the concept slowly.

The song is a bop!

The lack of visual feedback does make it hard to understand how to play but I love the cute art and the song. It's kind of a funny concept (I get the meme) but I am not sure how it relates to theme (also the enemies could have been the virgin guy instead of the skeleton to fit better).

I felt like I was clicking and sometimes I could get lighting to strike and sometimes not and I wasn't sure how to influence it. I think the idea of playing as the weather is really novel though.

Yea I agree! I think the game would benefit from more variety in terms of aesthetic and enemy types. We managed to make do with the time we had so I am glad for that. Thanks for the feedback! I am glad the overall gameplay loop is solid.

I think the metaphorical concept of being literally consumed by thoughts being manifest as this huge ball of stuff is pretty neat. I was able to recognize the influence of CBT even before reading the description so it's conveyed well in the game. I do think the execution of the concept does make it a bit more sappy than it has to be.

The raw gameplay itself is pretty dry as all you do is move left and move right but I do like how at the start the glasses are just within reach so the player knows where to go. It was also pretty cool to walk back to where you once were storywise now that the character is bigger. The visuals are pretty neat too. I do think the writing feels a bit sappy though.

In terms of the limitation, the game does remind me of like a reverse katamari damacy where the ball gets smaller and smaller, so it's clear an inanimate object is a huge influence on the game but I do feel like I was playing as the human character.

I really like that you listed the estimated time to complete the game as ten minutes. I think that's a pretty good thing to include.

Thanks for making this game

The D key isn't binded for moving right but the arrow key button is. The game runs a little slow on integrated graphics.

I think the concept could be fun though. Playing as a cube in isometric is a standard gameplay concept but I always find it charming and it fits the theme. I do wish you could move faster as it's a little bit slow. I didn't manage to get past the first level as I died near the end.

Being able to shoot in all directions and an upgrade system seems interesting but it might have been better to focus on tailoring one set of values of movement and combat for the jam.  I'll try playing more of this game later.

I really like the graphics and the animations it's so cute. The movement is also alright and the game communicates how to play clearly. I had major trouble getting past the level that introduces the dashes though and the level design is a little confusing because the golden pillars are hard to see as solid.

I'll try again to get past the Dash level later and see more of the game but for now I am stuck (perhaps in the future there can be a button introduced to skip levels)

But for real it's a nice aesthetic and fun to play. Sound effects would've helped a lot to add bounciness to the ring but the animations convey it visually well too

It's fun. I got stuck on the first level though. It's quite difficult.

It was fun! Watched my friend play it :D

the bunnies look like they died when the photo is taken :(

Yeah! Teleporter was designed as an optional assist. You can even get Hard Mode without it :D

yeah some web versions have this bug I would recommend using the build download in this event

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This game is great. The music is relaxing and chill and everything is visually laid out. The graphics are a bit blend but they get the job done. I only played up to level 6 but I am already digging it. I do think that it might be better if each level has its own unique color rather than randomized but I do like the randomized as an experiment. The palettes the game chooses do look really nice especially the darker ones.

I think giving levels specific names and hence their own palettes could add more personality to the game than simply 'Level N' onwards.

The puzzle idea is neat. I will play the rest of the levels later but I do like the concept. The sound effects are nice too. The game does a good job teaching u the WASD controls and Restarting too. I was able to understand the concept of the puzzle properly by just the level design.

One thing I think the game could benefit from is having an Undo button as I found myself having to restart the whole level when I make a mistake and I find that a bit annoying. I am really glad Level Select has all levels unlocked from the start. I think that was the right approach for the jam

Edit: Played even more levels. Love it. It is pretty fun to see the game randomly choose a color palette I like more than the previous during retries.

It does feel like knocking onto people is inevitable but I do like the hectic nature of the airport.

Still gameplay wise it does feel a bit dry. I do like the idea of a runner game where knocking onto someone isn't a game over but rather slows you down while reaching the time limit but in practice I felt like I didn't have a lot of control for skillful play. I also didn't really care much about collecting the coins or anything.

I noticed that I still made my connecting flight even when the timer reached 0. Perhaps it's a bug or maybe a social statement about how we end to rush at an airport but airlines tend to be more lenient than we think.

I wish I had more control over the obstacles (let me shove an elderly old woman at the cost of my morality or something) but for the scope of the jam it works.

The art and animations are pretty nice and cute and I think the music served its purpose well of having that tension, especially when the timer went to 15 seconds. The art does remind me of a game like Citizens of Earth. I would love to see the style in an RPG or story-driven game. Kinda like Earthbound's aesthetic but without pixel art. I like it.

Overall I am not really sure what I'd do with the gameplay in particular but I think the aesthetic looks great. I enjoyed playing it for that. The controls are good for the gameplay too and I never felt frustrated by them

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 This game is pretty solid and fits the theme and the wildcards used (It fits the conditions for all three). I think the concept might get old beyond the levels that are there but because of the game's length it doesn't overstay its welcome.

I do like that the game encourages you to get the medals at your own pace and preference rather than punishing you for bad play. 

I think I would argue adding a simple timer that increments per successive connection might be worth experimenting with in order to add tension for the casual player. Right now there's no penalty for playing slow but I do like the current build that lets you play it without penalty. I suppose this current mode would work well as a cheat mode?

I really like that all the levels are unlocked from the beginning for the jam build. My favorite level is Level #4. I do think giving the levels names beyond just Level numbers would add more to the personality and give each level a character but that's a minor thing. Level 4 is my favorite because of how every tile only needs one rotation to snap, so it's possible to chain up a lot of tiles using only one click. I then went back and noticed that nearly all levels could be completed with each tile being rotated only once.

Perhaps a possible fail condition if the idea is expanded is rotating it the wrong way would lead to losing a life or ending the level.

The UI is sleek with the animations and I like the level selection screen. I think that's well done. The music mixing is a bit loud however. The credits screen is also pretty neat. I do wish there was a way to view the controls again after you see it for the first time. I currently use the mouse to play and now I am unsure if there's another input method.

Arguably due to the fixed levels, it's entirely possible if speedrunning this game to simply memorize button inputs once a level is 'solved' and solve it that way. I don't know if this would be considered a flaw in its design or entirely intentional and it's not a clear cut matter. I would argue that this game has a very low skill ceiling because of it. If the game were to be expanded into a mobile release, I think an Endless Mode w/ randomly generated tiles would probably be the way to go to keep a consistent, unpredictable challenge. Regardless, it is fun to try and get faster at the levels though and for the scope of the jam the current design works well

The juice is great. It's not overwhelming that it overtakes the clarity of what is going on but hearing the tiles connect together is pretty satisfying. The voice acting is good too and I like the medal system.

I read an earlier comment that talked about a possible tutorial but I think the game's concept is simple enough that I think it doesn't need one. The current levels all serve a good introduction to the concept.

yeah. I managed to fix the bug on my private build after. I do agree that more opportunities for puzzles and planning out your route might be more interesting.

In the prototype I experimented with breakable walls like in my last game but didn't keep it because they felt buggy and unfun. Another game I saw experimented with sticky walls too. Perhaps if I were to expand the game mechanically i could add a zone where your slingshot ability is inactive.

The 2nd hard level happened to be the last one so you're good there. There is a cheat button that lets you skip levels too in this build too.

The hard mode levels do have a higher skill floor and definitely could benefit from more playtesting. It does have a very different playstyle from the normal levels too w/ what you said regarding the small launches and balancing slowmo. I did consider cheesing the slowmo to be balanced because the timer is still in real time.

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed the game enough to play until the last level :D

The music is great! If you made it good job :D. if you didn't please credit it >:(

The music does feel like it could benefit from more time mixing the audio channels. There's sections where it feels like a lot of instruments are competing for dominance and it's noisy but the overall melody and instrument choice used is great and the music shines a lot at quieter moments.

I love the way the Witch animates its really cute. I do think having some kind of visual indication that the Familiar is out of range would help avoid confusing. The gimmick and controls are a bit frustrating though and not really my thing.

The lack of sound effects are quite noticeable. It does make the game feel a bit less responsive but I think it has a certain charm due having more focus for the music.

This is a great attempt and the art is just so cute especially the way the witch hops as they move around. Gameplay does need a lot of work for me to enjoy it more though but I think with practice and playtesting you'd definitely improve!

That's great that you do that. There tends to be bugs on Browser export that are quite difficult for us to debug in Godot. I have one really obvious one due to the resolution settings I have that sometimes pops up for some people and sometimes not. I do hope that however that plays my game if encountering such an issue, try the download build before moving on.

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I found your game just browsing itch. I know it was released a year ago but I still really like how the artstyle has a lot of clarity in being able to see what is going on. It has its charm in that regard. I think this game could benefit from post-processing effects like Bloom due to the usage of white colors a lot in a dark void. I found in my experience that bloom helps make those colors more crisp in a game like this.

I think gameplay wise I do like how responsive everything feels. I do wish the player speed is faster though especially because moving from room to room feels a bit slow but I do like the transition effect between rooms.

I would probably also make the Energy attract to the player too (similar to other games that have orbs that just go to you) to make the game feel faster and more alive. The game does do a good job teaching you the basics of how to play though :D

You also seem to have have an intuitive idea of how to create silhouettes that are very readable in gameplay and know how to use the right colors for clarity. While the graphics are blend they are functional which makes the game very playable and I do appreciate that a lot.

Hey! I really like the idea you have and I thought the paper intro was really charming. If you had the time and skill it might have been really cool if the entire game was in that aesthetic but I understand the limitations.

You really had a good idea here while I can tell the execution is lacking due to lack of experience, you made a really good effort.

A few things I would have changed is having the movement speed of both the player and enemies be way faster. I think currently the movement speed being slow does make the game feel less interactive than it could be. Firing sound for the bow would also be pretty good to have had.

While it does change the game, if I were to make it, I would probably be having a more 'arena-based' level design where enemies spawn in and rush you and you have to connect them to a single outlet before you kill enough of them to proceed. Currently with the current level design the enemies aren't much of a threat

It really does fit the theme well though and your game makes me want to roll with the same concept of connecting enemies together before killing them with a single core thing.

I appreciate the attempt at Juice here. I noticed you wanted to add a dramatic kill feed for each enemy that dies in a chain and I think that's a cool concept. What I'd have done instead is to keep the camera the same but have it so each explosion happens in an ascending, satisfying note sequence (as brought up in this video that generalizes simple Game Juice tricks). I do understand you might have been inspired by games like Fallout and Sniper Elite that pauses the action when an enemy gets killed in a spectacular fashion and it was a nice attempt but I think for a game like this it's better to have something less intrusive in order to keep the flow going (in those games I feel they work better because the killing blows are more rare)

That video also mentions the idea of pausing for a single frame and I think for you game that would work perfectly with the explosion.

Other minor things to consider is that the main menu would benefit if the Start button was highlighted and had a sound if I hovered over it. I do like the ideas behind the music, if you composed it I think you would benefit from a lot more practice. There are some minor things with the music I found annoying which is the main melody being a bit repetitive and the kick drum you used feeling a bit dry. I really enjoy that it's a dynamic soundtrack and I myself haven't really attempted that but it is pretty cool when instruments kick in when enemies draw near.

Death animation would be cool, even just having the guy explode and having a 'Press R to Restart' thing would be better than a sudden restart.

I noticed with the artstyle you were going for it was that 'drawn in mspaint really quick' style which I do appreciate. I do think it might have been cool if the walls and the background were also drawn that way too. You might enjoy this Jam that I also found that is all about the artstyle you were going for:

Overall I think the idea is fun. Execution needs work but for a first jam this is a good effort and I appreciate the entry. Hope the feedback is helpful :D

I do find the pacing and level design to be a bit confusing to play. The game doesn't really explain mechanics in game (either by showing or telling) and I found myself getting lost at the beginning.

Controls are alright but a little bit frustrating with the jumping due to the really small gaps you have to jump into. Perhaps bigger gaps might help it better.

I sometimes can't pick up canisters but I am unsure why (hit detection or not allowed to pick up yet?) and so having a visual indicator explain why if it isn't a bug would be better. If it is a bug I think making the collider shape for the canisters bigger might be better. I got stuck because of this :(

The character sprite for the guy you play is does look alright some tiles blend into the background a bit much. I may consider giving them a thicker outline.

I like the art for the character you play as though and the music isn't too bad. I do think it might be better to have more linear levels and have more of a challenge factor. Right now I just feel like all I am doing is running around and trying to get canisters that won't get collected :c

Nice attempt though! For your second released game its not bad. Keep practicing and you'll improve over time :D

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Am aware of this bug but unsure how to replicate it. Might be due to monitor size of resolution. On Firefox it works for me. I hope you do enjoy the PC export builds.

In short slowdown effect was done using Engine.time_scale (This is because Kinematic2D uses delta for its calculations) but the Timer was divided by Engine.time_scale in order to give a time that is not affected by slowdown.

The music then had its pitch altered via script but you could also experiment with simply swapping the currently muted/unmuted sound if you want more control.

I think not being able to see my cursor made aiming pretty frustrating because of subtle differences causing a mismatch and missing my shots. Otherwise I like the concept of launching a ball and trying to connect it fast. I just think the lack of being able to see my mouse cursor ruins the whole thing. Perhaps a compromise would be a line that shows which way you're aiming?

Music is really nice though. I wish there was a way to force unlock all levels as a cheat. I found myself a bit frustrated but I do appreciate that there is a level select option.

One suggestion I might make is to have each connecting node have its theme be played in ascending notes/pitch as a form of extra juice. It is interesting that the bounce, however, does have this. I think that was pretty clever to do and I never would've thought of the bounce having ascending notes (but the goals not having it is pretty strange)

Come to think of it, the fact I didn't do this with the keys you collect in my game is also something I should have done.

I appreciate the level names too. I like level names.

I will play this more later. The lack of being able to aim properly is just a bit too frustrating for me. The game looks, sounds and runs nicely though! I do think the sound effects could use a bit more juice but damn the background music is catchyyy. Also I noticed

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Oh damn. I wonder how this could be replicated! I guess you were able to launch it in full screen. I didn't know that was possible as I forced it to be at a hardcoded resolution for now. Perhaps in the future I will work towards adding proper scaling resolution support. Thanks for spotting it and let me know how to reproduce it. I am curious to see how you managed to launch it at full screen like that.

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I have updated the description due to this comment to specify the "1+2" thing with regards to skipping levels. Thanks for pointing out the potential ambiguity!

I think Celeste style assist mode options would be great if this game were to be expanded into a full release. I was hopeful that skipping levels would act as a nice compromise in the meantime.

It was a conscious decision to add the little cooldown for the fire shot in theory and in practice I did get used to it. I think experimenting with the removal of the cooldown if I were to continue working on this game would be a great way to both lower the skill floor while also increasing the skill ceiling.

I do agree now it might actually be better to allow spamming it as a skilled player would be able to balance shooting fast and frequently (since ur speed resets upon each fire) while still allowing a more fair skill ceiling. It may also help to have a different graphic for the character to indicate when the bullet shooting is available (similar to Madeline's hair in Celeste, since we brought up that example).

I do agree that the teleporter is pretty janky. I did design all levels to be complete-able without the use of it as I considered it an 'optional ability for greater speed' to compensate due to not being able to do proper playtesting for this jam T_T

Thanks so much for the constructive feedback! I am glad that you enjoyed the game but am also glad you are able to point out ways it could be better.

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I find the game's aesthetic cute with the whole Windows 98 thing. It's been donebefore but its still novel when it happens. I might play the game more later I got stuck in the first level and got a bit frustrated :-(

One thing I'd recommend is that wall jumps have you stick automatically without having to hold the button down when handling digital input as an easier fix for that. I found the wall jumps a little bit tough to do and I always overshoot and undershoot jumps. Other options may include having the character slide up a wall with momentum or having them jump up the wall rather than away from it.

I found the triangle enemy a bit hard to see with the gradient at some points. Perhaps giving them an outline would help solve that as well (or maybe having the enemies be this sprite)

Clippy's changing comments are cute and annoying (which I assume is the point). One thing I may consider is having is an audio cue when he says something different (even though I am aware it can break the authenticity) so that you know he's being sassy. 

I really like that Clippy reveals you can expand the Window size. I thought that was really clever and cool. The music is alright. One thing I may have considered if I was doing a similar project was to have all the sounds used be based off Windows XP samples.

I will try playing the game more later on. I guess right now it just feels a bit too punishing due to the controls but the aesthetic of the game is really charming. I guess in the future if there's not enough time to properly playtest, its better to make the levels and game too easy than to be potentially too hard which was the approach I went.

I can't seem to get a gameover screen when I die. Not sure if intentional or not. Would be cool if there was a pause menu that also showed controls. Also felt hard to read the text in the main menu.

you should let users use the mouse in the main menu

It's really great especially with the improvements made after the jam feedback. I will miss the dynamic soundtrack but love the faster movement speed and the undo button :D

ur game is funny and cute. I didn't have another player to play it with though and I had trouble understanding the controls D:

I love the 'brrrr' sounds tho and I appreciate a GameMaker entry among the Unity stuff here. Sorry I couldn't rate it earlier till now or provide more feedback. It's hard for me to provide feedback one this one since it's a two player game but I do like the concept of changing shapes to pass gates while racing.

I'll keep the screenshake thing in mind for future projects. Perhaps a slider in an options menu can be helpful in my next projects as I personally enjoy the extreme screenshake.

There is music it's just that the volume was just too soft D:

The sprites are so cute >.<

It's a bit tricky to understand how to play but I think I'll get the hang of it later on. Going to play more later and give proper rating then

This is really good for one of your team's first few games! You definitely should polish it up as a learning experience there's definitely some good stuff here :D

(Found the game from the Brackey's Discord where you posted it)

The music choice is pretty chill and I really like it a lot. The lack of sound effects does make the game feel a bit dead though. The concept reminds me of those sliding car games i used to play as a kid.

It's nice though but I did get stuck on some levels but I appreciate I could play them out of order :D

When I did get into it, the puzzles are pretty fun and I like having to think about each movement moves the different color sets.

This game is relaxing because the music you used is really nice. I think you should include the credits for the music though (and if you made it, it can even help plug your own stuff too)

I had fun playing this game. Thanks for sharing it

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Gosh I played this game again today and it's still fun. I do wish there was a way to skip a level when stuck on it. Perhaps someone should make a walkthrough >.<

I JUST FINISHED IT! It was so funnn and the last level is great

The entry doesn't work for me on Firefox. I get a white blank page.

Also I am really glad you included a proper public and detailed dev log here. I may look through it and learn from it. It's really neat how you managed to use a picture of yourself and alter it to look like the FBI agent and shapeshifter.

I just noticed and in addition to the comments I posted for the rating page, I like the really subtle curve in the screen when you hover over stuff. I didn't notice it consciously at first but I think it adds a lot to making the game feel responsive and animated.