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My platformer game based off Enderpearls from Minecraft. I'll rate the other games here too later today. On the way to school rn

My platformer puzzle game based off Enderpearls from Minecraft.

I really wanna play this game but I don't know how to get it to work with the AI mode. I like the music and the aesthetic and the idea but I do wish there was a way to return to the main menu. Also, an indicator of whose turn it is would help a lot and maybe even sound effects would add a lot to the game feel. 

It's possible my AI is broken though. I'd have to give a lower rating for Use of Theme for now but I'd like to return to this later on and try and get it to work. It's a really nice attempt and I love the shaders and the way the camera uses lerp. 

The presentation is really nice. I don't have anyone to hotseat with at the moment so I can't rate the theme higher tho. Also, the choice of music was nice and fit the aesthetic. You gotta release a guide or something on what kinda lighting options you used. This just looks so pretty and I want to experiment with this lighting in future games of mine 

My entry! End Of Pearl

Based off the Enderpearls from Minecraft


This is my platformer puzzle entry: End of Pearl!

It's based off the Enderpearl from Minecraft

Yo! This game is quite a lot of fun but I got stuck on the third puzzle. I might come back and try and solve it. One complaint I have is that the background audio is kinda annoying because it's a repetitive loop. I suggest having something longer and less repetitive or alternating between different shorter tracks.

I also think the cubes moved pretty slow, the animation should be faster. The level design is engaging. I like cloning myself and just trying to get stuff to line up. The sound effects are cool. One suggestion that might be worth considering is adding a meaty blood effect when you move onto the ground, like in Super Meat Boy, but it might be distracting so worth experimenting with. 

I enjoyed this game. I rated it a 4/5 for Creative use of theme. I might come back and play more of it and the later puzzles.

Hope you like it!

Playing my game the next morning after submission. I guess I can give feedback on my own game. 
I do think the level design is a bit phoned in. 

There are some really great and compelling concepts especially with the bonus collectables but there's an overall lack of polish and proper difficulty curve. I do like the way concepts are introduced like the switch. Level design definitely needed more playtesting and work. 

The camera needs a lot of work. Currently you have to memorise level layouts and work around that and it is somewhat acceptable due to the low consequences of death but I really think that there should be an option to pan the camera around or use single room levels with a fixed screen. If the game gets polished for another release that must be done. 

I do like moving around. It feels fun and responsive, especially the wall climbing. I like the different alternating sound effects and falling sounds and stuff. I think animations for the cube should be considered in the future however.

I like the feedback of collecting the collectables. It feels satisfying due to the sound effect and the animation that plays, although it does feel half-finished as well. 

I think the overall game mechanic is a lot of fun. It's fun to try and aim your projectile at just the right spot and mixing that in with movement is great. I do think a preview arc might be useful in addition to challenges that focus more on reflexes. The strongest challenge in the game is probably the collectable where you have to wall climb up, release your wall climb and fire your projectile at just the right time to land without overshooting. The whole game should be more like that if possible. 

I noticed the crosshair alignment is a bit off with your actual projectile trajectory. I am not sure how to fix that yet but I want to sometime.

The game can definitely use a lot of polish but it's still quite fun for what it is and the core mechanic is wrong enough that even with the jank it's compelling.

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Woah. This idea is really cool take on the gel gun from Prey. I really enjoy the potential and even in this game jam state I did have fun. I do find the music annoying personally. 

One suggestion I could have is to alternate between tracks so it doesn't get repetitive when a player is stuck on a level (or make a track that's really long or something). I would have liked a mute button although granted I didn't manage to add it to my game too.

The movement is really stiff however. I think it could benefit from implementation of core platformer concepts like gravity modifier based off button held or even just double jumping. I felt really heavy. 

The gel gun gimmick is a lot of fun, especially with the limited ammo and having to find ways to solve puzzles It wasn't very obvious at first that the things I picked up were meant to be extra ammo but when i figured it out I really like the concept. I do think the levels are a bit long. I did manage to finish playing but it was easy to lose near the end and having to restart over and was kinda frustrating. Up to you to decide if you liked that.

One major complaint I have is that the gel projectile collides with the player and that felt extremely unsatisfying. You have to fix this if you can post-jam if you intend to work on this game more. It just really dampened the experience. I think having the gel spawn where you stand and the player is propped up is a better idea. In addition, I should be able to shoot the gel where I am about to land to soften my landing on a pile of spikes. Currently it just collides with the player and the gel gets wasted and the player dies.

Overall, I think this idea has a lot of potential and you should polish it up. It's fun. I am glad I played this game. It does remind me a bit of my own entry (platformers where you have a gun that shoots a projectile you need to solve puzzles with spikes and stuff and we both didn't have time to add proper menus) 

Gave 4 out of 5 stars for Creative use of theme. Might come back and add the last star depending on other games I've played although I think with the jank it's hard to recommend the final star. Still, this idea is really good take on the theme.

It's a nice attempt. I like the visual style of the menu. The difficulty curve feels really off though and the lack of a lose condition makes it hard. It feels like the animation for the cubes doesn't foreshadow the new line as well as other games of this nature (Osu).

Perhaps having a dynamic slicing animation, better foreshadowing of the cubes, a UI element for your current 'life' and different sound effects for slicing would make it better. Still it's nice and novel. The aesthetic is definitely on the right track and I think with some more polish this game can be a lot of fun. I can imagine just slicing rows of cubes back and forth, alternating my key press

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Yeah they are timed. The only cue is the audio sounding like a countdown. I do think in the future better feedback that it's on a timer should be given, such as what Portal does. 

The game is fun. I quite enjoy having to manage my ammo type and having them switch places mid games. There is potential in catching back a thrown object and using it again. 

I do wish the gun felt more powerful. The slimes flying out with more velocity would be a lot more fun, especially if they can bounce around and stuff. The difficulty curve is also too loose. The game got repetitive early on although there is potential with all three slimes. 

My suggestion would be to have a 'goal' wave that players are encouraged to get to and tuning the difficulty around that, with waves afterwards being implied to be very difficult. 

I also think sound effects for wave completion would have added a lot more, including some kind of timer indicating the length of the wave. The balloons getting bigger is a novel concept but it doesn't let me know when they'd be set to explode. Perhaps some kind of flashing animation with an appropriate looping sound effect when it's seconds away from exploding would help.

I think a crosshair for the cursor would've also helped for this game, especially if the crosshair matches the color of the current slime. 

Overall, I think the game has potential and could be polished up with fine-tuning the difficulty and having more game juice (balloons exploding animation for example) and other UX elements (The sucking effect should be feel more vibrant, perhaps maybe a screen shape along with the range being shown might help. Kirby games might be a good inspiration for how to improve it)

It's a good attempt though and it's similar to a game I've developed before for my schoolwork (A VR game where you hold two guns of different colors and have to shoot targets that match the color of the gun)


Learned to use Animator to do UI animatiosn + how EventSystem works for menu stuff. Mostly that. I also used Singletons to manage Upgrades and Enemy Wave logic :D 

oh my gosh I need to experiment with it. It looks cool and was something I wanted to add but didn't know how to! 

At first I thought camera movement with the gun camera was a bit annoying but I got used to it pretty quickly. I thought the sprite art was really charming and the game concept was novel. I do think the game concept has a lot of potential but is not utilised in a very engaging way as right now I can just shoot everything and eventually it becomes a standard platformer. 

The level design is alright but there's not enough space for jumping which lead to a lot of frustrating deaths and resets. I got a bit frustrated and had to take a break because of the lack of checkpoints.

I find the game charming and I having potential though. I am glad I stumbled upon it.

This isn't 100% related, but the game Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is based entirely on the premise of a co-op space shooter and it's a lot of fun! I think you and your daughter might have a blast with it. I play it with my younger brother on Switch sometimes!

I might do more local co-op games in the future as I like local co-op. I never thought of my game being played that way.


I really like the clicky feedback when you are navigating through the menus. I will definitely take cues from the way you did your menu. The credits screen is really nice too.

I really like the initial twist that it isn't a racing game. I do wish you even made fake screenshots of a racing game for the Itch.Io page. I even memorised the fake controls and everything lmao. 

The game looks cool and I really like the cute fox guy in a helmet. The animations are satisfying for the game and I love the movement. 

The gameplay feels fun and I love that despite being a troll platformer, the rules are consistent enough to not be frustrating. I even like how the fire pits are telegraphed. I like the fake exits as they force exploration of the level and I do like that you can infer that the exit is often the furthest from the starting point but not always. I like how it creates a non linear platforming style especially with the double jump.

Outrun synth furries are great. I like this game a lot. 

I do like the music quite a bit and I am glad every level has a unique track although I do wonder if it's too high tempo for a platformer. 

My feedback might just be that I wish you had a higher view range or a way to shift the camera but otherwise this game is fun and kinda funny. I love how it repeats at level 1 and you get unique dialogue for that level and it made me wonder if I had to do the levels again for a secret. The fact the game was fun enough that I played it all over again when the game looped is a good sign.

I really like the puzzle involving the numbers. I felt smart when I figured out the first digit was the subtraction and the second two digits were the addition!

I didn't understand the puzzle with the colors at all but I figured out a way to clip through the bars and I consider that a fun feature lol. 

I had some technical issues such as the cursor not having full rotation and also the cursor escaping my window but otherwise game is charming and I find it memorable. The music was annoying at first but it eventually kind of drawn on me. I guess more puzzles that are clearer and a more consistent theme might be nice. I am not very good with colors though. I liked backtracking to get the buckets because I thought of bringing a bucket the first time so I felt rewarded for experimenting like that. I only got the cake bad ending tho

I do find the death animations and the premise really cute. The character sprites in the overworld are charming too but I just find that the inability to skip to the end of dialogue and the slow walking speed makes this hard to play. I didn't manage to complete it (got up to ladder and lever) :(

I think the music loop is too short and repetitive but I find the overall concept nice though. Hoping in the future there's more quality of life features such as the game knowing which dialogue you've seen before! 

it's funny but it isn't a game :ppp 

I might be late to reply because of life and stuff but I'll try and play some more games this weekend.

heewo :p

The game is fun and I did play it all the way through. It was a nice adventure and I like the multiple paths and exits. I like that your progress is saved and I was surprised to find it working on WebGL. I do think that the beginning message could've been faster and I was worried I'd have to sit through that eveyrtime but thanks to saving I did not have to! I like the menu system with the and its polish. I really like the credits screen too especially thanking the organisers that was wholesome 

At first I was a bit annoyed at the lack of a checkpoint system but it did grow on me to repeat the rooms as my anticipation to try the other rooms built up. If that was on purpose then I am glad it worked out well. The 2D lighting is pretty nice and I like the sprite work. The music in the first few levels was pretty annoying and it did make me wish I could've muted it but the second and third music tracks used (the orange rooms) wasn't bad actually.

I thought the Heaven and Hell stuff was funny. I did like the twist in Heaven where the protagonist thought he failed. That was nice

My feedback would be more options and to proofread the dialogue (lots of spelling and grammar mistakes) but for the jam this is fine as it is. It was a fun playthrough and it did make me wanna experiment with 2D lighting and that's great. The fact I did all the endings shows the game did something right.

I knew something was suspicious and one of my friends did try and kill the blob first. That's a good thing because it means you did foreshadowing well enough that some players might be clever about it.

I only got one ending so far. I really like all the special effects and the way things animate from moving from one screen to another. I really like how there's different channels in the music that reacts dynamically to mechanics. I like the pacing of levels and  I like the really minimal artstyle too.

I do think that there should be a way to exit the game at the end. I got confused and stuck at the Dissonance screen. Gameplay and movement wise it's a bit too simple but I do like that it doesn't overstay its welcome. I'd probably make your movement speed faster in this current iteration. I'd probably also allow you to skip to the end of dialogue if possible. I also am not quite sure what the yellow orbs do other than as an optional objective but it was fun to collect them.  

I feel pretty inspired by your game's aesthetic and it does make me want to use the effects and dynamic music you've done in my own way in my own games. I enjoyed this game and I find the dialogue and writing amusing. 

The music is nice. I wrote earlier I really like how it dynamically switches. I like the particle effects when you die and collect stuff. It's simple but it fits the artstyle. The pixel art blend with the white platforms fits surprisingly well. 

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The upgrades screen lies to you and does the opposite affect, although I can read that feedback that it might not be obvious enough to some players at first. Thanks for sharing the color palette list! Would definitely consider those.

Nah I managed to win by killing the slime by dropping gold buildings on them but I did get 300 coins first. The game is fun

It is a pretty challenging game. It took me awhile to figure out the twist and even once I knew it it takes a surprising amount of mental work to eliminate and figure out the right path. I like the aesthetic quite a bit too. You could port this to mobile as a fun time waster haha.

I can't really think of any ways to further improve the simple concept other than a better music and more visual effects. It's pretty good for what it is already. I guess it's not colorblind friendly but oh well.

The music and sound effects are pretty nice! I really like the aesthetic especially the particle effects! I feel inspired to make improvements on my game inspired by yours. I do think the gimmick is underwhelming but it does remind me of my game's gimmick. We both had the idea of upgrades that lied to you! The music really adds to the experience. I really like the fade-in and fade-out effect you used for audio.

The core gameplay loop is alright. It is a bit underwhelming and a few suggestions I could think of to make it more compelling is to list the current high score as you are playing and have a combo system for scoring or something like that. I do think the modifiers being randomised does make it less interesting than it could be. 

Other improvements that I can think of is the addition of quality of life features such as being able to exit to the menu from the pause screen.

I like this game quite a lot though. There's definitely potential here to expand upon. I feel so inspired rn.

Firstly you can include a .zip file to share both files.

The sprite art is definitely the best part of this. There definitely could use way way more animations but the artstyle itself isn't bad. I am not sure if the game wasn't working properly for me but there was no sound at all. 

The gameplay is really repetitive and kind of boring because you can stand in one spot and just shoot until wave 60% where it gets interesting. I think for a game with a rapid fire weapon you should allow the player to hold down the mouse button to continuously shoot because I didn't like spamming my mouse button to fire. 

The lack of audio of any sorts makes the game feel unfinished and lifeless but that's easy to fix by having audio at all lol.

Overall I really like the art style and I think with a lot of adjustments the game can be made a lot better. I will give it another try and it seems buggy one my end. I am glad I played it.

The jetpack feels really nice to use. It has weight to it and I almost think a whole game around such a jetpack might be a lot of fun. I only got as far as to Level 3 but I like the aesthetic of a bunch of rooftops and you have to explore to find the way through. 

There's a lot of problems with the game design though. For starters there's no way to recover health and I find that irritating. There's no reason to fight the small enemies too other than to get ammo but u can also save ammo by not fighting them. I think there should be some kind of indicator of which weapon you're holding at one time. There should be options for mouse sensitivity and turning off/on music (although granted I didn't do that too in my game). I do like the way the text pops up and faces you when you're near a weapon, I thought that was kind of cool. 

The game's concept of just shooting enemies and dodging their projectiles while u have a jetpack is fun but the execution could be better. Aiming feels really stiff prob due to no sensitivity options. The way projectiles move physics wise is interesting especially as it allows me to try and dodge enemies.  The music is kind of repetitive but also not too annoying. I do wish there was a way to turn it off.

I noticed some technical problems when on the third level. I think the person who coded projectile physics and collision and projectile spawning could have done more to optimise the code (Projectile Pooling, don't use too many GetComponent calls during Update()) but without seeing the code I won't be sure what was causing the problems. The game shouldn't have lag spikes for a game like this on my computer which is capable of running way more graphic intensive games at full settings. 

I won't mind a game centred around exploring a city skyline with a jetpack and a gun (maybe even a sniper) that level 3 suggests. It's a fun idea. 

The art is really really cute and I love the animations and stuff. I do think the music was a bit repetitive though. There should be a counter to track how many of the gems you've had unless memorising them was part of the design on purpose. There is no checkpoint system so that can be frustrating. The bat enemy is evil >:(

Jumping on enemies is a lot of fun due to the way they animate and the sound effects used. You could make a whole game with that artstyle and gameplay. It did feel good to move around and stuff. There definitely should be options to turn off the music and sound effects if needed. The story is cute and a bit scary but it is pretty predictable for me. I did expect a boss fight at the end tho.

I think the bat enemy sucks. The ice didn't really add much to the game. Adding checkpoints would be a great idea. A way to skip to the end of dialogue would also be helpful but that is minor. I think a more focused level design would be better and centring it around one core mechanic. The fact there is no way to get health also sucks especially if you die. 

The music is alright but the art is really cute and it did feel nice to run around. In the future I'd recommend finding a central gameplay core loop as this game seems to lack that direction (I suggest jumping on enemies they are fun). It was a bit weird to see enemies that only appeared once. The way the guy with the gun is animated is adorable and I love it but he only appears a few times and it's very easy to dodge.

This game is really charming despite its jankiness. I really like all the different gameplay styles you added and I like the storytelling and the way you messed around with the game UI. That bit at the end where you reused the level from the beginning is great and I liked that.

The game is a bit frustrating though and it's easy to mess up and be stuck somewhere. I also think the gun should've allowed you to hold down the mouse button rather than having to spam it. Enemies needed feedback when hit to indicate that you're doing damage too.

This game is really charming despite its jankiness. I really like all the different gameplay styles you added and I like the storytelling and the way you messed around with the game UI. That bit at the end where you reused the level from the beginning is great and I liked that.

The game is a bit frustrating though and it's easy to mess up and be stuck somewhere. I also think the gun should've allowed you to hold down the mouse button rather than having to spam it. Enemies needed feedback when hit to indicate that you're doing damage too.

It's a lot of fun and I like how the twist is kind of foreshadowed. I enjoyed having to balance coin production without the production reaching too high. I do wish there was a way to bait that slime to stay in one place but at the same time it did lead to some funny moments where he just barely walks away last moment.

Thank you so much for adding auto spend and auto collect. This game is cute and nice.

The game's art is pretty cute but the UI needs more indication when hovering over it. 

I do like the concept but I think it's a bit confusing at first and at the same time there's no penalty for missing gems so it becomes a bit boring as i just waited for my scanner before getting gems while dodging and shooting everything else. 

The main thing is that the UI elements need a bit more feedback and for future games I don't really find it fun to wait around for a timer to do anything. It makes the game feel like just waiting. 

I only really played a bit of level one. I think the core gameplay loop needs a lot of work I think you needed to make gems and lies less dependant on the lie detector but I am still glad to have played it :D


The controls for the umbrella is a bit stressful because u gotta press down and up at the same time but the art is nice