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Very solid game, cool gameplay as well. I did not have the chance to test the multiplayer game mode but I’m sure that’s where the most fun is. Multiplayer games are tough and you did an awesome job!

Hi, thanks for rating. In retrospect, making a RTS game in less than a week was a bit much. I do agree with your suggestions they were part of the pla, but I did not have the time to approach those issues. Alogside with Enemy AI those two are major improvements that I wish I’d worked on sooner.


This is my favorite. I love the Sun in sunglasses. It took me a while to understand how it worked but it is very entertaining nonetheless. Loved it 10/10

Hi, I’ve never tried making a RTS before (This is my second game ever), so this was my chance on the genre. It was very hard to have everything under control specially with a full time job. I do agree that the AI needs working, the enemy units don’t have movement yet. Thank you for playing anyway.

Hi, the heavy units can only be selected for level 2 The first level is only playable with marines

Great game! A bit too difficult though. Beautiful art and sound.

Thanks for submitting!

Although I was a bit unsure on how to properly protect my planet, after a few turns I got the hang of it. This is a well designed and very fun game. Congrats!

Great game, I really liked your art style.

Thank you for your feedback, For the earth level you can only use marines to defeat all enemy units. After defeating earth`s boss you gain access to build tanks. I did not have the time to create an explanation to all of this. Will probably edit the description. Thanks again!

Good game, nice twist where we have to feed the fire, not put it down. Doesn’t really fit the theme though. But is a great game overall

Cool spin on the theme. Had a great experience!

Is this a good game? Sote?

Loved the key pop. Great execution of this idea.

That was really fun. I liked the style, it looks simple but the animations and affects really sell it. The song also gives it a very nice atmosphere

Very relaxing, could play this on my phone while on boring meetings at work! Great game.

i just realized i spent 30 min playing this. Very good.

I had a lot of fun playing this!! It made me dizzy, love it. It took me a while to understand how the darts work.

Did not expect a game to make me go full emotional. Thank you for this experience. RIP Sonni. Great game. The controls are a bit wonky, but otherwise very good idea.

Very charming, Got stuck sometimes between 4 bushes but other than that your gameplay is great. Loved the cutesy art and sound.

Did you manage to build this entire system in 48 hours? What an amazing accomplishment. Great game, you really set up a nice atmosphere in there. The gameplay is a little complex but great after you get the gist of it

OMG, at first I was thinking how did this game fit the theme, but then I lost control over everything. Great game. Very fun.

Short but great. Reminds me of those old flash games. Would definitely have played more levels. Great game

This narrative.. Thank you for that experience. Much needed in this times, somethings are really just out of our control.

For some reason I could not get the first jump right. I may have misunderstood something there tough. I believe you should have the controls written on your submission page, other than that, great idea.

Nice game! Like your style. I agree with the others on bugs and feedback but your concept is very solid.

This one has the potential of becoming a full title. Great game!!!

Took me awhile to get used to the controls, but I liked it. good game!

Loved the dash. Missing a little bit of feedback though.

Nice game, I feel that it needed a little bit more of friction to work better for your concept, but great game overall

Great design! Little overdone concept, but god it looks good. I really liked your interpretation of the concept. Good work

Really good art style, Fun gameplay.. For future improvements, I believe you should make a way to learn the Alien language. But nice idea overall. Great game!!

Great concept, nice turn on the theme too.

Great job, loved the concept. Very original.

Nicely done

Nice Game, not sure how to play though. Too out of control for me.

Well done, loved the little dusty monsters!

This is my favorite so far. So much fun… I’m a bit biased since I loved the two games that you got inspired from. Loved it.

So much fun. Congrats

I Liked the concept, had a little trouble to understand what I was supposed to do. Good game though

I Liked the concept, had a little trouble to understand what I was supposed to do. Good game though