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on 16:9 full screen you will have the top and bottom cutted, this game was meant to be for mobile in portrait mode, but its also responsive... however you can try it, now there is a full screen botton.



Thanks for reporting this bug, but I have no idea what it could be....kinda cool though ... probably is just the evilness of doom taking control of your device😆Have you tried with others device or browser?

😂 I didn't know about that version, so fun! At first I thought was the HD version of it, but no, it's a lot better one, and it would be great in one finger version, I'll keep in mind, thank you!

True, that could be cool actually, to try to remake a top view level map moving and turning around.... nice... i used to try different backgrounds but i decided at the end to keep the background more neutral so the player dont get too much distractions to avoid enemies, this is an older version with different background:

thank you!

wow that's a record!... I should make a leaderboard for this game some day

wo, you are a master now, thank you for playing it bro!

that's high! 🙌

The baron is hard to reach, well done!...thanks for advice.

yes, that would be great, i need to put my hands back on it someday, thank you!

Hi, you can use the skulls to power up in the main menu already, but yes I need to improve that to make it more understandable. thank you!

ok, thank you!

Race To The Sea is a free web advergame that you can play on any device, made for the release of the album "The War To End All Wars" by SABATON.

Any suggestions or critics are welcome, check it ou!

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)


Hi, i just downloaded your project and setted up with firebase, so the log in works fine, but the leaderboard does not work, can you contact me to see if i can solve it? or do you already know why? do i have maybe to set more things inside firebase? please can you help? thank you!

True, I still play it  this way too, tnks! 🙌


Yay very very cool ! Love this! 

Tnku I appreciate it 🙌🙏

thank you so much ! I’m so happy for this collaboration  with Beast in Black 🙏🙌🍻


Thank you so much! You remember well , there are many reference to SOR ! 🙏🙌

lo spero anche io, grazie ancora! 

grazie mille! 🙏🙌

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One Night in Tokyo is a free advergame that you can play on any device, made for the realise of the album "Dark Connection" by BEAST IN BLACK.

Inspired and by one of the most epic beat 'em up game of all times, Easy guess...

Go and have fun through the stage, kill all enemies and try to collect all Items to reach the final boss in a good shape,  then... Beat it to complete the Level.

While going trought the stage you can collect the diamond item, once the bar is full you will be able to transform into a Beast.

”What could be better than spending one night in Tokyo? That’s right, nothing. If this hyper uplifting and max powered heavy metal hybrid of italo disco and eurobeat doesn’t get you electrified and flying through the futuristic dreamscapes of mesmerizing and exciting Tokyo, then you’re just not crazy, mad and insane enough for a journey where only Beast In Black can take you. If you’re with us, you better buckle up for a manic ride on the savage Beast!” -BEAST IN BLACK-



Arrow Keys to Move

X to Jump

C to Attck

SPACE BAR to transform into a Beast, when diamond bar is full


Official link:


Game Designer and Developer - Claudio Cimini

Visual Designer - Pasquale Moretti

Directors - Florian Ummenhofer, Tiffany Cantegrel

Production: Nuclear blast

oh shit bro im might have cleaned the chaches of the browser or using a different one or other device... if you dont want to be sure to not lose data you might have to download the apk, or, if on ios, open in safari and then add to home, thanks man!

yay bro! That’s high!! Tnku so much🙌

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it. ╰(*°▽°*)╯

Grazie!! Si sì realizzato da me 🙌🙏

wow beautiful, it reminds me of the first Silent Hill


Super Hot is one of my avourite game of all times...and this 8 bit version is just magnificent 🙌


This is so red!! im in love with your works! so great

your game are just great! im gonna take a look at all 🙌

wow, your graphics are so arcade, i love your stuff! 🙌

this is very good idea, nice!

woa very nice!

nice guys!🙌