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The game's awesome, and the art is awesome as always ^w^

The undead one was here. :3

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As it turns out, recording this game is impossible due to the way it handles window resizing and fullscreen. The window is so tiny that in order for people to see in 720p I would probably have to record it in 4k, which is not possible for my crappy computer right now, sorry :c Since I can't get a video out for it I'll just say here, your game is amazing, and I can't wait for the full release! ...but do fix that window problem lol

Yo! I personally have a few suggestions for the game, all from me playing the demo (which I still need to continue playing, it's really cool and terrifying >w< ) You should add a pause button, menu is optional but definitely have a Resume / Quit button in the pause screen so if we have to do something we can pause it, and also so we don't have to go through the task manager each time to force-close the game (alt-f4 doesn't shut the game off and neither does hovering over it in the task bar and clicking X, in Windows 10) Also add an ability to switch the game between fullscreen and windowed, either by a menu button or by Alt-Enter.

Btw I found a slight, harmless bug in the controls that makes the girl's animations freak out. If you're holding shift without moving, and do different things (stand still, hold space, move, or anything) she and her animations and sounds will kinda go wild. Like I said, harmless, but funny x3

Another suggestion, perhaps make certain things more apparent as to what they are (I still have no idea if those floating blue glowing balls are evil or not, so I still sneak anyway. One touched the tip of my head so perhaps they're just particle effects?)

I would also like to see controller support (at least for X-Input) and the possibility of key and gamepad button rebinding/mapping.

Pretty soon I'll be uploading a video of this game, I can't wait for a full release so I can do more! It's AWESOME.

Don't worry man I'm not accusing you of anything xD

Normally TR/Dropper.Gen would be known as a Keylogger, for tracking what you type. (hackers use it to steal passwords and shit.)

I have no idea if this game in particular contains a keylogger as that could just be a false-positive from your anti-virus, but who knows. Perhaps the game has a different way of tracking keystrokes for gameplay than other games.

This looks a lot like Polar Panic from Crash Bash, I love it!

Decent game, could use some work. Rather than set the enemy's position to act like knockback, you should apply force to it to make it look smoother. ^w^