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Very interesting stuff as usual!!! A bunch of great ideas in there and it's really cool that you've already got it working. On the subject of UI: I'm no expert but I have some experience and overpriced education in the matter, so I thought I'd put in my two cents since you brought it up. Just some general design stuff. I think the bars that show energy and such are okay in terms of form, and perhaps their color scheme could use some love, but its the number readouts that really hurt the overall look of things. That, and the vertical bar for velocity doesn't match the form of anything else... I think what I would do, is group all the number readouts into the top right, and make the velocity bar more like the others, horizontal, rounded, and the same length as the number readouts..... Probably the biggest factor in a design feeling 'right' is consistency of sizes of elements, and margins between them. I will usually take a sort of base "unit," and work from there. In this case I'd take the height of a text element, since their sizes aren't as flexible as an energy bar, etc, and only make other elements sizes and spacing in multiples of that.

One more thought, on color schemes....You might try more saturated colors, and maybe even try straight up white or black for backgrounds. Though, with that said, I don't really know what kind of overall aesthetic you're going for with this. What do you want the UI to say about the world?