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Carson Kompon

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This is a fantastic game with a large world with a character who's abilities are constantly expanding. I love the art-style and map design, it all ties together perfectly. My only complaints are the snails go a little fast for what they are and the lighting around the character feels a little restricting. Other than that, the game outdid itself for a Ludum Dare game. 10/10

Funny game, interesting idea, amazing graphics. It's hard to believe this game was made in 48 hours. The game could definitely be more difficult as it feels far too easy in its current state, but it's still good fun!

This game is made for the blind, so of course it has to amplify the only other sense people have when playing a game, the sound. This game does so REALLY well. The game used directional audio to make you feel like you were in the game and know your surroundings. I believe this game also has a large potential for people WITH sight as the graphics are INCREDIBLE even for a game made for the blind. Genius concept, amazing graphics, well-made. SOLID 10/10