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Awesome to see and great to hear you are getting the support from Exalted Funeral. Interested to see where you take Mico-Circuits.

This is awesome to see you continue to evolve your work into something bigger and bigger. Love the look of the game as a whole, lots of good info and mechanics in here that is excellent. A true example of an artist at work. 

Interested to see what future projects look like. 

Thank you for kind words and comment, It was my intention to develop a ruleset that was clean cut and light enough to simulate a Zombie Apocalypse. It wasn't my intention to emulate the Six  D&D  Attributes, but more build off of the "In the Light of a Setting Sun" ruleset and tease out mechanics to try and expand the original Three Attributes seen in the ItLoaSS ruleset (I know it is a minor gripe, but I want to share my intentions as the designer). 

A couple of days late in joining, but I wanted to join in on this and see what I can do.  Currently got an idea rolling around in my mind right now and want to share it. 

The working name right now is One or Die. 

All your Character has is One HP, your weapons, Maneuvers, and equipment and this is it. Enemies have pools of HP that players need to be wary of and traps that will rip them to shreds. The only way to survive for more than an encounter is to plan and work as a group.   
For simplicity, the system is a 3d6 roll under for resolution and Usable Equipment have usage die attached to simplify inventory management for expendable resources. To combat larger monsters, players will have access to maneuvers that will allow them to crank out damage to try and defeat an enemy that is too much for a party of adventurers, but runs the risk of exposing the character to death or even killing them on a failed maneuver.

Right now, I'm leaning trying to lean into the idea of give players plenty of tools to use at their disposal while each tool having it's benefits and drawbacks that need to be considered. This is really all I have right now, currently cranking on a design doc/rough draft to get ideas down and see what works on paper or not.