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Really cool concept! It was fun for a really simple game and was a great twist on the platformer genre.

Keep up the great work!


Cool game! I love the idea of choosing to save or destroy the world. Interesting approach!

This game is  really fun! If you spent more time on the design and made the core decisions even more interesting it would be great!

Great game! The idea of spreading awareness is a neat idea and you executed it really well with the text adventure style!

I got 29 points by the way. Look forward to seeing what other people got


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If you want I think I can add it to the jam anyway? Once you get the page working

Nice game it handles some really large topics within its simple mechanics and art

Its still working for me

Thanks for telling me I've fixed the issue :)

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Hey, there is now a channel on my own Discord!

Thanks a lot for the suggestion 👍!

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Any ideas for a smaller theme on top of saving the environment

Please  up vote your favourite themes soon.

The Jam Smaller Theme will be announced after 21:00 GMT 26th Dec  and the Jam will begin at 00:00 GMT 27th Dec

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Very interesting, the game creates an incredible atmosphere! The player felt amazing to control with the animation.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm definitely interested in making more levels and other content for the game.

:) Thanks, it's great that you enjoyed playing!

Cool concept! Switching characters is quite fun and forces you to think ahead. Expanding this project and creating more content, about switching characters would make a great game!

If I release the game I'll make sure to add a customisable control scheme so you can have a jump button separate (such as the space bar)

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Thanks, your entry's great too!

Thanks! :)


This game is quite similar to my own game! Puzzle are quite fun and entertaining and the art style is really nice.

I'd love to expand the game, thanks for the feedback!

Its amazing to see you loved the game, and due to the feedback I've received so far I'm am definitely considering adding more levels and content

Thanks for the feedback, I'd like to change the music post launch and change some of the block colours (possibly hiding the bar if there is nothing to place)

With more content this game could be super fun!

The art looks really good!

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Thank you for the feedback :)! Your comment really made me smile.

Really fun game to play!

Really different to previous things you've done and the art looks really nice! 

Great that you enjoyed it! :)

This games a really cool Idea and concept and could make a cool game. I would love to see a computer to verse though and more game modes built upon flinging pieces at enemies!


If you enjoyed the game please rate on Newgrounds!

Also follow me on Twitter!

This game is a cool idea and very original mixing the two genres!

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Yes many youtubers use it i believe its called flat design :)

I'll also look into kurzgesagt for future inspiration thanks for the comment its really motivating! (your game Elfin is great by the way).

This games really interesting and if polished would make a great game! You should add more weapons and like you said enemies. Take inspiration from Doom and it would be fantastic!

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The detailed feedback is really appreciated and I might even make this game for Android as of the feedback its got on itch and newgrounds!       Like I said in another comment I actually already have screen shake if you look really carefully but thanks for highlighting this issue it really helpful! 

By the way I'll definitely check out your game!

Edit: Also I added the charged shot as on impact it gives the play health (this also happens if you ram into enemies)

There actually is screen shake if you look really carefully (try with charged shot) but its very bad and need a lot of polishing and I its great you loved the charged shot!

Thanks for the Feedback and i'll totally check out your game!

Thanks for the feedback the art style is inspired by Gigantic!

Really enjoyable to play!