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Cool Game! Its an interesting take on the endless runner genre. It would be even more entertaining if you added more polish like screen shake and particles.

Great Job!

Hey, I really liked this small prototype game

The level was satisfying to solve and I can definetly see it as a larger more complex game

One small piece of improvement would be to not move the player when clicking on the buttons

Great prototype hope you keep working on it! :)

Thanks so much!


Prepare to cry inside when you reach level 17 (The Final). It is somehow more brutal than the actual game. Just about managed to do this by exploiting the pause button.

As always great game! It would be fantastic on mobile and I really think you should pursue it just please lower the difficulty I've nearly spent an hour on this brutal game...

Thanks and by the way there is screenshake in the game

Thanks for the feedback!

And by the way you can skip dialogue by pressing A

Thanks for the feedback, totally agree with what you've said the story which is the main link to the theme needs to be polished and fleshed out.

Its my first game with a proper story so its not that great or polished and is definetly something I need to improve on. Thanks for the feedback its greatly appreciated 

Hope it all goes well :)

Nice one!

Really interesting game it could be expanded to create something truly unique!

Really cool main Mechanic its something we constantly face in the real world but is never in games


Thanks, I hope to continue the game in the future!

Thanks for the Feedback Jonas, the font was one of those last hour things you completely forget about already changed it in my project

Thanks, I really hope that I can take in one of those new directions post Jam

Thanks I hope post Jam I can better balance the characters and maybe add more?

Total party Kill was one of many inspirations but the core concepts of the games are different. I can see why you think this though and if I develop this game and have a chance to add more mechanics I hope it'll become its own unique game.

I hoped to add more interactions but ran out of time.

Such as Arrows you can jump on and More interesting powers for the wizard

Thanks I spent alot of time on the art and colours. Hope to improve the game in the future

Thanks I'm a programmer and spent lots of the Jam doing art wish I could have added sound just ran our of time :(

Really cool concept! It was fun for a really simple game and was a great twist on the platformer genre.

Keep up the great work!


Cool game! I love the idea of choosing to save or destroy the world. Interesting approach!

This game is  really fun! If you spent more time on the design and made the core decisions even more interesting it would be great!

Great game! The idea of spreading awareness is a neat idea and you executed it really well with the text adventure style!

I got 29 points by the way. Look forward to seeing what other people got


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If you want I think I can add it to the jam anyway? Once you get the page working

Nice game it handles some really large topics within its simple mechanics and art

Its still working for me

Thanks for telling me I've fixed the issue :)

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Hey, there is now a channel on my own Discord!

Thanks a lot for the suggestion 👍!

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Any ideas for a smaller theme on top of saving the environment

Please  up vote your favourite themes soon.

The Jam Smaller Theme will be announced after 21:00 GMT 26th Dec  and the Jam will begin at 00:00 GMT 27th Dec

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Very interesting, the game creates an incredible atmosphere! The player felt amazing to control with the animation.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm definitely interested in making more levels and other content for the game.

:) Thanks, it's great that you enjoyed playing!

Cool concept! Switching characters is quite fun and forces you to think ahead. Expanding this project and creating more content, about switching characters would make a great game!

If I release the game I'll make sure to add a customisable control scheme so you can have a jump button separate (such as the space bar)

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Thanks, your entry's great too!

Thanks! :)