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Hi, I'm having a problem where the HL2 texture metalfence004a isn't getting imported.

Thanks! I'll take into your account your feedback when I'm rewriting this.

I'm definitely going to continue working on this game, the amount of bugs and optimization issues bother me, and my mind just continuously nags me to fix them.

As for the lighting, I realize it is too dark. As said before, the game was supposed to be completely different, so when I changed it to be maze based, I didn't have enough time to optimize lighting, and many, many other things for the new game features.

Well, I was making a better procedurally generated map with actual rooms and stuff, but I realized I was running out of time, and had to use simple maze generation code. Generating mazes is pretty simple stuff.

Oh, you are supposed to do ./RunMe

I get this error:

./ExeLinux: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Anywhere I can find libGDCpp?

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I was testing something with the respawn timer, ran out of time, forgot to change it back. I'm not sure why you are instantly falling through the floor, it should only happen if you continuously run through a wall. The sword bug is because this was initially supposed to be a third person game, but then I changed it because of graphical issues, and ran out of time to fix the bugs with using a third person camera system as a first person camera.

I guess the wall disappearing is because of the glitchy camera that cuts through the wall. I'm glad you saved that ancient dungeon from the dusty skeletons :)

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Glad you got it working, but it is unfortunate you had to turn the resolution that low to play it. I tried it on another computer, with an AMD HD 5700, and the skeletons were invisible. If you encounter this bug using your nvidia card, please use Intel graphics to run the game. You can tell if the skeletons are invisible if you can't see any skeletons nearby when you hear the sword slashing sound even when you are not slashing your sword.

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I was in the process of making a cell based generation system, so only parts of the game would load, but since it loads the whole map at once, it requires a beefy computer. Though, I was able to play it on an Intel i7 4510U at playable frame rates. What are your computer's specs? Also, probably the reason why the graphics settings isn't changing anything is because this game is also CPU intensive, so changing the graphics might not help in all cases.

What are your graphics settings at? And yes, the collision model for the walls is sometimes buggy. Just try not to go through walls, and you should never fall.