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This unfortunately needs a great deal of editing in regard to spelling and grammar, and many instances of the entirely wrong word being used; far too many to keep count of. I want to keep reading, but it's barely legible and I have to stop and wonder what you're trying to say throughout practically every sentence. A complete re-write with an editor would help, hopefully. Best of luck~

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I love that we get the option to kill Caesar! Gretchen Wieners would be proud. I was worried the game would force me to spare him. I love Alto, it was satisfying knowing their story isn't done. The only little gripe I have is in the memories when Six first met Alto, she was in her base body. Since she spends so much time talking about how the body is new, it would have made sense to see her in an alternate body. Will there be more chapters or a sequel? I hope so!

It's already an Android version... sorry :p

Maybe women don't need misogynistic gender roles forced on us when reading about a magical fantasy world (with masks)? Just a thought for you, mister Virgin, sir.

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I just have one question... who is "Anakuma"?

Edit: Okay I read the comments and I didn't know this was based on a TV show + I don't know what Solipsism is, my bad! 

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hope to read more soon

hoping for an update soon, but who is alex? 

mi6 has no jurisdiction in the u.s. (fbi would though!) but beside that little issue it's nice!

onionthief route next, pleeease?

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toasty <3333

cannot wait for chapter 2!

When will more be released?