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Thanks very much for the amazing comment, was my 2nd attempt at a unity game and I'm glad some people liked it. Music is my specialty, and I did everything on the project (second time making a Unity game alone since the start of August) I loved your game too and I'm happy we both took part in the jam.

I look forward to seeing your development log, you're adding features like crazy! I hope you end up getting somewhere with the game concept, it's probably my favorite game from the jam so far!

I love the idea of the game, mechanically I found it impossible to finish :( I don't know if there is a cooldown on the dash, but I got to the first area with the enemy and found it impossible to hit the guy. Either I moved into an area he could see me in (and my dash didn't come back fast enough to intercept him, and if I tried to dash at him while he was shooting he'd always win) or he stayed in an area that I couldn't reach him in without being in his line of sight. Sad about this cause I really loved other games you had worked on!

Woah, this game was amazing, I only watched the post jam party stream last night and as soon as I saw this game I knew I wanted to play it! I managed to finish it after a few tries in, it was extremely fun as a puzzle game concept. My biggest complaint was the slanted controls, but it's completely understandable with the isometric style, you would either have people rather it be one side or the other, most of my deaths were accidentally pressing the wrong direction at a time that it put me in danger.

I found the camera angle to be fine in my opinion, maybe if people were struggling you could add an easy mode where if you click/point over a piece, you can see what their danger zones are. Or else maybe mode options for people with and without checkpoints for people who want more of a challenge.

Congrats on this awesome game, and I'll be interested to follow it's development!

Glad the Comment Pact Club gave me this game to check out, I love tower defense games!

The 3d models included in this were top notch! If they were all made within the jam time that's super impressive, with a little better texturing on some of the enemy ships, some of these models would quite easily fit into a similar 3D TD game like the Defense Grid series.

The music and audio were all fine for a jam game too. I was a bit sad when the game ended after wave 3 (maybe something else happens if you finish wave 3 with full health but I'm not sure) but of course I understand the constraints of working on a game for a 4 day jam, I made a game in Unity too (wasn't too happy with it in the end due to being a lot shorter than planned) and I understand sometimes we have to cut things we don't want to to finish on time.

Hope to see more games from you in the future!

Thanks for the feedback!

After the jam I chatted to someone about the note cycling, and realized I could have used, W/S or Up & Down to cycle the notes, stupid that I hadn't realized that when I had time to implement it it would have been way better.

Yeah there should have been a more obvious transition between levels I agree, a sound cue or a more obvious visual transition.

It's just with both these last jams I've taken part in (my first 2 jams using Unity solo) I've had massive issues such as project corruption, level loss etc on the final day of the jam, and have ended up submitting something I haven't got polished enough to the level I'd want it to be. Better than not submitting though, right?

Level design seriously suffered too both in this game and my last as I left serious level design to the last day and then had all the project breaking/data loss issues come up on the same day. I've now started to make commits to Unity collab to reduce the chance of me losing lots of progress, and being able to instantly revert should I need to.

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Great job on this little game, I loved the graphics and music, the progression from a simple messaging interface to a full-blown, in-the-matrix emoji rhythm game/endless runner was done really well. I'd have preferred a little less downtime upon starting the level but that's a minor balance thing for replayabilitys sake and not a real complaint. The underlying message of the game is also really relatable, the fear of sending the wrong message to someone or misunderstanding what is said and accidentally saying the wrong fear is a legitimate fear in my social media interactions. All in all, great job team!

*Edit: Forgot to mention this was one of my Comment Pact Club games!

Thanks for the comment, wanted to try something different with this game, and was happy with how it turned out :)

Thanks a bunch, the game is my second solo Unity project, so I'm still learning loads. I had a lot of fun making it and it's great to hear from people who played it! Thank you again 😀!

Watched and left you a comment on your video! Thanks very much for playing, your commentary was awesome.

Thank you! Will watch and like the video when I have a little time free. Thanks very much for playing!

Thank you very much, camera was an absolute nightmare lol, I used to have issues setting up properly zooming in and out cameras for 2d games in construct, so you can imagine the issues  I came up with in Unity.

I thought about doing that with the boxes, if I'd worked out better how to set up the gui at the end I could have made a counter for the number of boxes you destroyed/automatically destroy the boxes if they fell to the bottom of the level. That would have been better, but by the last day I was completely exhausted from breaking systems in Unity so I left it. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

The whole reason behind the whole W/S to move thing was because I used an unconventional way of physics to move. I used a Vector from camera position to the Players origin, I probably could have worked out how to create a perpendicular vector through the players origin to allow me to control the sideways movement, but I had absolutely no idea how to do that, and I didn't really have time to find out with all the other things going wrong lol.

I went through multiple revisions on the movement and in the end the final one I decided on going with seemed the least broken/most fun!

Sensitivity slider would have been there if I had had more of an idea how to create proper GUIs/options menus, this was my first ever game in Unity, so I hadn't the best knowledge of how to set that up.

I'm glad you worked out how to take advantage of the movement system, that's actually one of the things I wanted to leave in the game for people who worked it out to take advantage of, sections of the level are skippable if you know what you're doing and you can finish the game in about 1 min 10 or less (that was my best time you can prob be way faster :P )

Thank you very much! The idea I was trying to go with with the boost/rolling dynamic was to make the game more speedrunnable/exploitable in a way, I was trying to make a game you could really learn the control scheme of when I was conceptualizing it and even though the end result was a bit less interesting/polished than I'd hoped, I'm still pretty happy with it. I struggled with working out the unity camera system before and this game I just used cinemachine (with a cheap trick to create a directional vector from the camera position haha), I tried various other control schemes earlier in development but this was the most appealing to me from testing, I could have made it more advanced by adding more perpendicular vectors, etc but my physics knowledge isn't as great as it used to be.

I really enjoyed the jam, I found it way more accessible this time than the Fatal Error one I attempted making a game for. This is my first ever unity game, and first ever solo 3d project, but I have done a couple of 2d platformers/top down shooters in Construct, which gave me some foundation for using bolt, along with the brilliant official and unofficial tutorials. Funnily enough this jam I didn't refer to almost any bolt tutorials, instead looking for ways of working with stuff with unity and C# and adapting that to what I needed, and working as a problem solver more than before. I think this ended up working amazingly well for this project.

I really hope to test out bolt some more in the community jam later this month, and I will be using it in some personal projects, probably moving completely from construct by the time my subscription ends the end of September to a unity & bolt combo. Thank you (and the rest of Ludiq) for creating and supporting such an amazing tool! I will certainly be taking part in more jams with bolt in the future, and more bolt jams if it is at all possible with schedule!

Can't wait to see all the games tomorrow! Best of luck to all of you still jamming. I really enjoyed myself this jam and I hope everyone who took part has some awesome experiences got out of it :)

Just had a random question, would using an open source add-on to blender like MB Labs, which is a parametric/customizable character generator, which you can interface with your own custom  meshes, be allowed in a jam like this? I'd like to know since I have used tools like Substance designer (procedural texture creation) Houdini (proc modeling) and Bfxr (chiptune sfx generator with parameters) in many other jams. I'm not sure if I would use a tool like this I'd just like to hear the hosts thoughts on this issue.

Well done, great game, really enjoyed it and played it to the end, reminded me a lot of The Fall!

Sorry it took me awhile to respond I was working with a team for GMTK jam.

Well personally, I would have no problem with you using some of the music in a free game. However when it comes down to the fact that I made this for another team it becomes a bit murkier if you get what I mean.  

I personally don't know if they'd be happy with me licensing out music I made for them to somebody else.

If it was a free game on I imagine I could work out a way that you could use some/all of it after chatting with the team members. With donations enabled would be fine unless you somehow ended up making a fortune out of the game.

Again I’m not 100% sure if I could negotiate this, but I would do my best to try.

I don't really know if it'd be possible to convince the team to let you use the music for a commercial game, and even if they were, I'd want some kind of financial deal/contract with you.

Well it's a soundtrack I made for a gamejam game as part of a team. License wise I'm not completely sure what I'd classify it as because I'm not 100% familiar with the different license types. It's free music to download but that's mostly for promotion of the game and my music, not so much for other people to put in their games. I'd have no problem with the music being used in a video on youtube or twitch etc. as long as it was credited/linked to. If you give me more details of what you'd like to do with it I'm sure I could help you out :)

You definitely deserved the #1 atmosphere rating, the music was also really well done. The story of this touched me deeply, keep making awesome games <3

The last level was a bit hard I agree, would be interested to hear myself if the lead dev has plans to continue the game. Thanks for the comment :)

Thank you! :D

Thanks very much for the comment :) I made the music for this game I am really glad you liked it. Also glad to hear you enjoyed the game-play, the last level can be rather hard depending on how you think to approach it! We'd have preferred if we'd had time to implement more levels and mechanics, but it didn't work out.

Yes! I can rate games, just found out now! I enjoyed playing this as you can see from my previous comments on the game before the jam was over. Thought your entry was a brilliant spin on the theme, even though it felt a little unforgiving, and the KB controls were just slightly too loose in regards to missing critical jumps. I loved the game though!

Thanks for your comments BeaverJoe, as the musician and cover art designer (I had no input on levels aside from testing)  on this game I agree with you once you know how to pass all the levels it is very short. I have no idea if the main dev has any plans to continue the project, I might ask him to respond to some of these comments later! Thank you again <3 !

Thanks very much for your comments FMProductions! <3 Glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks Refraction I loved your entry <3 !

As the musician and cover art designer I feel your pains regarding the camera issues. I had them while testing the game and we decided we might have to remake the levels (while we were running out of time) and so we left it there. If I had part in the graphics side of things (and knew unity better) I might have tried to help implement some of those things you mentioned. Anyway thanks for your comment :)

Thanks for the comment, :) I had no part in the art production on this so I couldn't really influence that (outside of the title text and cover screen. I made the music for the game and as the actual dev hasn't seen this yet I thought I'd better reply :) Thanks again.

Construct for HTML 5 games FTW XD ! No offense I love unity too but it seems to break web projects for jams every time :P

Edit. Tried the windows build and made it way further. There is an issue on the web build where it clips some of the game out of the window (ie it's not all visible, not 100% sure but I think both vertically and horizontally)

Loved it, didn't get too far (I'd play something like this better if it had controller support.) My fave thing was the death sounds! (they remind me of my favorite all time death sound in games (a really gross sound from the original empire earth lol XD )) The browser window looked like it might be  a little clipped, I'm gonna try the download version to see if it is different. Overall nice game :)

Brilliant game idea, the music and graphics were done really well. I didn't finish it cause those dastardly red enemies kept screwing me over. I saw Snakebird mentioned in the comments and this game reminds me of that too !


Liked what I played so far. The graphics were amazing, the retro music was top notch, I would say the only thing I'd complain about is the hit-boxes and collisions felt slightly unfair sometimes, I kept dying towards the end of the second level, and I got to the point where I felt even if I %100 ed a difficult obstacle, one small screw-up could cost me loads of health and thus lose me the level. I'd say more forgiving I-frames (invulnerabilty timer) could have helped with this. I did enjoy the game though and I'd say it was an amazing presentation for a 100 hour game jam.

Played a couple of games of this. Interesting concept for a game! Glad I could contribute some of the music for it. The detective work is done really well for a quick jam game, and the characters seem to have some degree of randomness to them. I thought it was pretty good!

Played a couple of games :) The tutorial is a welcome addition, the game is a lot more complete than when you first let me test it! When you get to the last planet left the screen becomes a crazy cluster**** of enemies, but I honestly find it more funny than something to complain about. Great job on the game, hope it does well in the jam, glad  I could make you some music for it :D

Thanks for the awesome comment :D

Thanks for the shoutout for the music :) Glad I could contribute to your awesome game!