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It's good but we need more characters like Robin and Perona for example. Sadly, The game is finished.

Delete the app first

The game has nothing to do about it, you can clean your phone or delete some apps to run the app smoothly

Katie sex when?

After the lighthouse incident i think, go sleep and rika will come eventually on your room. Btw how to get cece scene beside the missing scene of yours? 

How can i get more gold?

Its a fine game, good animations the problem is the storyline. And there is no save button. But it has good animations, looking forward to the next update!

Does your phone have play store? 

What is the answer in the riddle of january and february? I tried answering uary, and ary but its not working someone pls help :(

there is no hide button in mobile

That will be so nice hahah keep it up!

There is no hide button

Will you add more animated scenes in your next update if you will im willing to donate hahaha btw its a good game!

Um where can i find ramirez?

Zimon Where can i find Tsukiko!?

Oh tnx very much

Maybe u have low ram

Oh ok tnx. But is the game updating every week?

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When will you release the v0.11 Zimon?

Oh its ok. I think its worth to wait. Can't wait for the next update!

I just played this 30min. Ago and it's so fvckng amazing game i hope i can continue the date with heramael😢. Btw i promise i'll donate in ur patreon in christmas cuz i don't have money cuz of the lockdown. Good game and keep up the good work!!!