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Good stuff! Here's something I did :P

These paintings are beautiful! What a fun way to showcase them, too.

The customization instructions could be a lot clearer, but it's a good  app.

The notifications are a must for me, so they're a pretty cool feature (although I find it odd that the app must be on the System Tray for them to work, but since I'm not a developer I also don't know how I'd change it).

I noticed some people were having a bit of trouble navigating through/customizing the app files, here's the way I customized mine:

  1. Right-click the app icon, open file location.
  2. Open config.json with a text editor (Notepad works, though I used VSCode myself).
  3. Changed the notification settings to my liking (the CloseToTray settings must say "true"). Pic related.
  4. If you dislike the notifications and don't like that the app is on the System Tray all the time, just change the CloseToTray settings to "false".
  5. Additionally, once you close the app's window and want to reopen it you'll have to open it via the System Tray (it'll most likely be visible when you click on the up arrow icon). The CloseToTray settings are related to this.

Additionally, I came across some visual bugs regarding the pop-out box for the text formatting, but they're nothing that breaks the app and they aren't even that annoying.

Anyways, that's it. Good app, but takes a bit of work to get it to work the way you'd like, and I think buyers should be aware of that. Figured I'd write a guide, since I saw some other people have some trouble with it.

Oh, so I was doing everything right!! I thought there was an extra puzzle, so I explored all over the place... well, at least I got to see most, if not all, secrets  so far :P Great job on this!

I love this so far, but I feel a bit stuck before the elevator. Are the gems next to it a puzzle or am I just being silly? If it is a puzzle, it's a bit too cryptic. Other than that, I love it.

I really like this! Love the art. The bad ending is pretty funny too.

Hey, no worries- again, it works just fine with Wine. I played it fully now, it's SUPER CUTE! It made me smile all the way through. Good job!

I've been waiting for this! I was a bit bummed out when I saw it was only for Windows, but I've tested it and it works perfectly fine with Wine on Linux. I haven't played much of it yet, but it's very cute and I really love the art style!

Will there be a Linux version? I just recently switched to Linux and I'd love to keep using this!

OH GOSH this makes me so excited!! i love helluva boss too

This is so cool! It'd be really cool if we could add our own music, that's my only real "issue" with it.

Okay, I love this. My favorite "stage" was Vladimir's, but all the themes are great! Lots of fun, good job!

oh, i love this! very inspirational.

is the mascot a deer bc "veado"? :P

fr tho, can't wait to test this out, seems like a really unique form of v-tubing