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awesome game. keep up the good work. i bouoght it from  ;-)

awesome update and changelog. keep up the good work.

is this game still under development? no comments from the developer!

Does the multiplayer of this vietnam game still work?

2022-09-19 20:16:56: ERROR[MeshUpdate]: An unhandled exception occurred: std::bad_alloc

2022-09-19 20:16:56: ERROR[MeshUpdate]: In thread 12:

2022-09-19 20:16:56: ERROR[MeshUpdate]: /home/stefan/mt-build/build/minetest/minetest/src/util/thread.h:da: run: A fatal error occurred: std::bad_alloc

whe game crashes when i raise the range of view!!

when do you release this game for steam?

one year after the last update, when will be the next milestone for this funny game?

look into the bin folder

any new updates of this awesome game?

the 32-bit version is no longer supported by the dev, sorry.

outdated.. version 5.4.1 stable is out... ;-)

changelog of 1.3.1 please?

awesome. good work. keep up the good job.

oh... thx for info..

? news about this project?

mt 5.3.0 is out... any updates here?? where is the linux version of this game?

any new updates anyway out there?? !!

what about minetest version 5.3.0 and this game? game is mostly outdated?? !!

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mt 5.3.0 is out, are there any plans for a new updated version?

v1.3.0 Minetest 5.2.0 version... and awesome...

only 64bit is supported...

minetest version 5.2.0 stable released!!!

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Minetest 5.2.0 has been released. When will the dev release a new stonecraft version?

WINDSTONE community · Created a new topic Update?

any new updates?

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any news about updates?

mt 5.1.1 is only a bugfixing version, hope that 5.2.0 is soon a stable version.. when its done ;-)

thx for info. cant wait for next update ;-)

Why is the world so small?

I used the non Github version from the download. you should reupload it again.

are there any updates planned... because version 5.1.0 and 5.2.0-dev version of minetest it out? thx for info.

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Version 1.3.0 and Ubuntu 19.04: (i DL game from page)

nice, which version of minetest are your stonecraft belongs? 5.0 or 5.0.1? great update!

Bogart with the version 5.0.1 !!! thanks

when comes the next release out? thanks for info!

version 5.0.0 is final now!!!

update it to version 5.0.0 please!!!!

are there any plans to release a android-version of this game? that would be awesome""