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I can help you, I am a programmer who is making games for 1.5 years, I have sent you a friend request.

I am making games in Unity for the last 1.5 years, if anyone is interested, please do contact me. My discord id is OuttaSpace #6919.

This is my itch io profile

Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks :)

Okay, I will check that.

I am not able to spawn bullets even after setting everything as mentioned in documentation and at this webpage ? Also,why max active bullets is always zero, even if max bullets is not zero ? Please help me.

I have sent you a friend request.

OuttaSpace #6919

I am a programmer and learning Unity since last year, if anyone is interested, you can contact me on my Discord ID : OuttaSpace #6919

I am a programmer, may I join ?

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I am programmer and learning Unity since last year, I have sent you a friend request.

If you are starting out, then you should use any already available game engine, because creating a game engine from scratch will itself take more than 3 days.

The game is so polished. I love it :)


I am a Unity game developer with one year of experience. I have made some games but they are not perfect. If you think that I can be the part of your team. My discord id is Himanshu#6919.

Sorry everyone. My exams are coming are starting from tomorrow. Maybe next time I am able to join the jam.

Hello everyone, My name is Himanshu. I am a game programmer who had mostly build games on Unity. If anyone is interested to join me, please contact me.

Thank you :)

Thank you. Yes, I should have added sound effects but do not have time.

Good game :)

The animations of this game are very good :)

Thank you.

That problem is solved.


Can you join me ?

I am Himanshu. I am a game programmer who is making games since last year. This is my first game jam doing with a team. So, anyone interested can join me.

yes. My discord ID is Himanshu #6919.

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You can join me. I am a game programmer who is learning Unity and making games for 1 year.

Very Good Game :)

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I want to be part of your team. I am a programmer with 1 year experience with C# and Unity.

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Very simple but creative game :)


Actually I have programmed that behaviour because I have a completed a game in a hurry.

Really? Because due to frustration and working ridiculously fast for around 8 hours , I thought it was a very bad game.

WASD -To move a character.

Space - To Dash.

Thank you.

Although the game play is hard, it's so much funny. :)

Thank you very much for the information.

It is a very polished game. Great in all aspects. :)

It is very funny concept. I specially like it's music and it's sound effects.