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This is the most creative hack of Celeste I've played. It's super cool! It also happens to be the hardest hack I've played. I assume but the difficulty is intentional, but I recommend tuning the enemies a bit, as they shoot super quickly, and the one hit kills make it super easy to die.

Really fun, really nice music. Only problem is no explanation to stay in the middle. First run was entirely below the line because I assumed it was a barrier.

Very clever and fun to solve. I loved it. Solving the last admin username and password was really tricky though.

This is pretty good, but man is it uncomfortable using a keyboard. The fact that X is for jumping and Z is for running is bad. It should be the other way around. It's like playing the original mario bros but A and B are swapped.

I don't know why but once I get to the second phase of oriental insomniac the game has this horrible delay when I press space. I've played on different computers and browsers before and this has never happened, any help?

Thanks! That makes much more sense. The game is really fun and I think it's a must play for people who like infinite runners.

This game is great! I have one problem though, Sometimes I'll be playing and a Cop will randomly dash out from the direction I'm running. This has happened to me multiple times, and got me killed at nearly the very start of the game.